Sunday, 11 March 2018

Review: #HungryforHalaalmeetup at The Butcher's Wife

 So I won't lie to you when I say my mouth wasn't watering the entire time while doing this blogpost, just by looking at these pictures and thinking back to the lovely smells and taste of glorious food and desserts we had the night of the #hungryforhalaalmeetup.
Yes! I was fortunate enough to get invited to the second #hungryforhalaalmeetup, it was the launch of a new menu and this time at a restaurant I've always wanted to go to but just never got around doing so 

The Butchers Wife.

The Butchers Wife is not called the Belgravia road charm for nothing, it's a unique & family orientated cafe' with a home away from home atmosphere. 

On the night of the launch I was running late and really thought I wasn't going to make it yet still decided to go, I arrived there just after 6pm and as I entered I immediately loved the vibe and the cozy feel. 

We were soon welcomed by Qudsiya and her husband Khalil who is the Butcher and owner of Pickers Meat Market which truly makes her the Butcher's Wife. Qudsiya welcomed and thanked us for joining and then spoke about what they've put together for us showcasing their new menu and she explained that they're doing a mini version as they wanted to fit in as many things as possible so we could try a variety.

The Butcher and his wife, very lovely people

(If you would like to know more about TBW history, their vision etc go read up on @Hungryforhalaal's blog here or you can visit their website at

Our Menu for the eve

 We were also informed that there will be a competition running and the person who shared the most about the evening on social media would win a dinner for two at TBW, check us out snapping away on this pic. But I promise you we don't even need a competition to take pics and share on social media because we all do it naturally #foodies

Now we getting to the interesting part of the night, food!
Our first course for the night was the:

Antipasti Platter

 If you know me then you'll know that I love anything seafood and mushrooms are another favourite, I mean before I knew I was pregnant with Shaz that was the first thing I craved,haha. So when the antipasti platter arrived I couldn't wait, I'm talking about crumbed mushrooms, pizza sticks, chicken livers, mussel bake & prawn poppers. Oh my, everything was delicious, yes for the crumbed mushrooms, if you love Nando's chicken livers you'll love their's too and the mussel bake in a creamy garlic sauce just the way I like it. The pizza sticks served with sweet chillie sauce and prawn poppers was something different and yes I had to stop myself because there were more food coming.

Pizza Boards

Okay to be honest I've never heard of a person that doesn't love pizza, check that big smile on my face you'd swear I never ate that day. Each one of us received a pizza board which included a slice of vegeterian, seafood, chicken and beef. They were all yummy but it was a close call between the spicy prawn and the vegeterian primavera pizza.

Pasta Bowls 

 Too cute not to capture!

Speghetti & meatballs, chicken n pesto, seafood and most peoples favourite the macaroni cheese al fourno were served in miniature pasta bowls on a board. To be honest I couldn't decide I love traditional speghetti and meatballs, I adore mac n cheese but I thought the chicken n pesto was so delicious until I tasted the seafood pasta. Okay, I know I'm confusing so just go try it yourself, thank me later.


Meat Platter

Our fourth course was the epic meat platter: beef ribs, lamb chops, sliced steak & mini beef burgers in BBQ or roast chilli basting served with french fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings and a selection of sauces.
 Meat is everyone's favourite and I mentioned that seafood is my favourite and I usually say that I'll choose it anytime over meat but Oh my The Butcher's Wife had me thinking otherwise when I tasted the steak strips that melted so softly in my mouth and then the most delicious ribs I've ever had. I'm not even going to try and explain it because I won't do it justice.The sweet potato fries, mini burger and the rest of the platter was delish too.
I didn't try the spicy ribs though because I was stuffed but the others were very satisfied.

Dessert Boards & Milk shake shooters

So after the meat platter I was sure that I won't even get a morsel of anything in and I was ready to say my goodbyes  but I have a sweet tooth so it wasn't difficult to convince me to stay. They say there' always space for dessert hehe, that's so true I won't lie I absolutely enjoyed it. On the dessert board we got carrot cake, churros with chilli chocolate sauce and a chocolate banana springroll with ice-cream. Everything was devine, it was my first time I had churros and it was lovely but what can I say the chocolate springroll was just amazingly heavenly, I had chocolate springroll before but this was exquisite and everyone agreed.

While we enjoyed the desserts out came the milkshake shooters, a variety of flavours were served. I'm sure they all taste good, I tried the turkish delight and it was yum.

Then the winner of the social media competition had to be announced and to my surprise it was ME, I was so happy and delighted because winning ment me spoiling my hubby and myself to the succulent ribs and more. I was informed later that week that the price is a R500 voucher at The Butchers Wife, Yeah to me for showing the night off on social media :) big smile.

 (Owner of The Butcher's WIfe) Qudsiyah and I just after they announced I won :)
Mind the tired eyes I ate myself to sleep

And if all of that wasn't enough to top it off each of us received a Gift bag and mini Cappuccino's for take-away.
The gift bag consisted of a buthcers wife apron, cutting board, TBW brand house water, two homemade sauces and a meal voucher.

A Big Shukran/ Thank you to @hungryforhalaal and The Butchers Wife for organising this meetup I really had an awesome time. The entire experience from the first meal to the last was amazing.  Thank you again for your warm hospitality and making my first experience extraordinary.

 Attendees at Hungryforhalaal meetup 
Yaseen Barnes: Ya_a_seen_Him , myhungryhusband, Rafieka @hungryforhalaal

Press Play to watch the video I made of what went down that night :)

Hope you enjoyed this post.
xoxo Nadia SS

Monday, 5 March 2018

Collaboration: The Abaya Collection by The Infinity Collection SA

Hi Beauties,

Happy Monday, I hope it's going great.

I recently did a collaboration with lbeplanners and The infiniticollection SA, one Saturday afternoon just as the doors closed for business we had some fun fitting and posing in the most beautiful abayas and while doing so we wished that someone could just invite us all to a wedding because we felt all kinds of glam! As you can see these abayas are different to your everyday abaya, more for a special occasion, Eid or going to a wedding. The abayas come in different styles and fabric, some with beautiful black lace detail and others with printed flowers, lace detail or embroidery detail, each one unique in it's own way. 

These exclusive abaya's were imported from Dubia and Saudi Arabia and are priced from R1050 and available at Workshopmodesty  store in Claremont. They currently having a sale and these beaties are now going for R850. Go get them ladies.

Style: Reem

Style: Amal

Style: Jinaan

Style: Shaam

Style: Nadia

Style: Sarah

Style: Amaal
Style: Sowsan

Style: Aasia

 I didnt share all the styles from The Abaya Collection, there's different styles available in store. Feel free to contact the store , click on the LINK

Shukran/ Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog, I hope you will be back for more
Always remember to keep Shining.

Love Nadia SS

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Events: Nasi Uduk Cooking class by Halaalife

Assalaamu alaikum / Hi
Beautiful people,

On Saturday myself and a friend attended our first Asian Cooking class hosted by my blogger-friend Echi Ismail from the blog. Echi and I met through blogging two years ago and at the time she just started her own show on the Voice of the Cape radio station sharing her asian recipes, cooking methods and everything about halaalife. I was invited once to join her on one of her talk shows to speak about modest exercise clothing.  She has been giving asian cooking classes since last year and it's been a great success. Well done Echi!

Myself and Echi
With my friend Saadiqah

The class we attended was the Nasi Uduk class.
Nasi Uduk is coconut rice served with Ayam Goreng Kalasen (friend chicken), Telur Dadar  (Indonesian omelette) mie gorg (instant noodle) , Sambal o elek (chillie paste), Krupuk (prawn snack) 
Refreshing homemade iced tea and won ton/dim was served on arrival. Each one received printed out recipes to take home and try out. After the greetings and introduction she explained what we will be preparing and divided us into two groups.

We immediatly clicked as a team even though we just met, everyone interacted and soon it was chopping, chats and laughter. A question here and there and when Echi explained something it was silence and attentive listening.

After minutes the flavours exploded and the lovely smells were flowing in the space where we were cooking, smells of Ayam Goreng , mie goreng and no one could wait to taste the prawn krupuk.

having fun while cooking

I was really amazed how Echi remembered everyones names in the class, she made everyone feel at home, and not any home, an asian home.
To be honest when I used to see an asian dish it always looked so difficult to prepare but realised that's not the case at all, it's quick and easy if you follow the instructions and know the english meaning of the ingredients, your good to go :) 
Time to indulge!


When we were done with the cooking we were seated outside of Echi's backyard and the setting was just perfect, a slight summer breeze and while eating we could hear the birds chirping. The food was very filling and tasty. We were chatting and I could feel that lazy feeling creeping in, Oh gosh did I feel sleepy after that, I really think I ate too much. "How did I not keep space for the steamed brownie we still need to make."

So everyone up and ready to go make dessert, I'm obviously the last to get up coz lazy. Whip the eggs, add the other ingredients and ready to go into the steamed pot. That went so quick!

In no time we were seated again and yep I obviosly had a piece of steamed brownie with a lovely cup of jasmine tea. Some were treated with beautiful henna patterns from Tougedah from handmadebytou and Echi also gave us a pupper show, hehehe funtimes!

Annalize's hand

Echi and I have been supporting eachother on our bloggig journey since we met, we don't see eachother often but when we do its fun and no matter how busy it is we make time for a pic :) 
Echi and I

Shukran for stoppimg by and reading my blog, I hope you will be back for more
Always remember to keep Shining.
Love Nadia SS