Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How time flies

So my princess turned one just over a week ago, what a hectic busy day it was, I would have loved to write a post on Saturday morning about how emotional and happy I was feeling on my angels birthday but there was just no time at all.

 I can't believe I'm a mother for a year now, I've learned so much the past year about parenthood(and still have lots to learn) and a lot has changed since Shazia was born. The year just went so quickly ,just the other day she was born and this tiny little baby, now she's one again, she walks ,she says a lot of words and has eight teeth and just growing up so fast. To think the doctors told me there's something wrong with her when I was just three months pregnant, my whole world fell apart, I was booked off from work, to think I've been waiting for this miracle baby for nine years now they say there's something wrong with her, I'll write about that in a different post, but by the grace of Allah she was born a healthy baby.

Thinking back the day she was born, it was Friday the 13th,,, whooo, like everyone says, a "bad-luck' day,,, well my 'bad-luck' day turned into a very good one, one of the best. It's like I knew, I prepared everything, enjoyed a long lovely bath, wash and blow dried my hair, checked my bags again, put everything ready, so when I finally went to sit and enjoy 7de Laan with my tea and chocolate cake ,she decided she wants to come now, well my water broke and I was home alone, surprisingly I didn't panic at all maybe because I didn't have any pain yet, I was booked in at eight and Shazia was born five minutes before twelve, so it was still Friday the 13th, I was in labor for only four hours(I heard of people that's in labor for 48 hours etc), no epidural, just like I had prayed/made dua to have quick labor. It is a very painful thing to go through, but I believe that's why Allah made women stronger than men.It wasn't all rosy though, while pushing, the 3rd attempt her heart slowed down and my husbands eyes went very big, he asked me so nicely just to try harder, they'd joke and say if I don't push her out now she'll be born on the 14th... so I did and she was born on the 13 September 2013 at 11:55 ,weighing 3.37, I didn't sleep that night, I fed her and stared at my Angel whole night till the morning.From that moment , your life, everything change just like that, you experience a different kind of love, unconditional, you would do anything for that baby.

For the past year a lot has happened, and as new parents we where always uncertain and scared, Shazia was born with jaundice, the first week we had to be at the hospital everyday and still prepare for her name giving ceremony, when I returned back to work she got sick and was hospitalized twice, there's always that uncertainty ,is it teething? why does she have a rash? could it be a ear infection? what I've learned is when it comes to a baby, consult your doctor.
Any new mom has challenges,with a newborn you get no sleep and nothing done in the house, everything is new to you, breastfeeding, changing and cleaning baby, to name a few....but nothing compares to the joy you feel when you see the first tooth  start showing, the first few steps they give, that first word, all the funny things they do like making nosey and sticking tongue out.lol.

I just feel so proud of my daughter, proud of my husband that's doing such a great job being a daddy and if I may say so, proud of myself, It's not an easy job being a mom.
I would like to thank, Shukr the Almighty for making me a Mommy, after all that praying and crying, To thank my mom and Muneeb's parents for all the love and support, and all close friends and family, I wont mention names I might just forget some. Love you all.
I'll share a few pictures of the first year of Shazia's life, It was so difficult to choose pictures because there's thousands of them and they all special... that actually delayed the post :)

38weeks, on my last. 

A few hours old

Proud daddy, cant stop staring

Cute baby feet,picture taken by myself

I'm so obsessed with baby feet and hands,cute

Name giving

Few minutes before her name giving ceremony.

Aunty G,,, insisted they have a photoshoot together.

I love everything about this picture,so much love.
With grandparents, ma is no longer with us, that's why I love pictures, they become beautiful memories, I can look at and smile.

Family portrait , her 1st Eid, day before my birthday.

Valentines -% months old

Photoshoot at Baby Boom

6 months old

First laptop, lol

First two teeth coming out. 

11 months

First birthday


                                                    Thank you for reading.....
                                                                 Nadia SS

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