Friday, 5 December 2014

Family time:Strawberries galore...

Hey Shinies
hope everyone doing good, why not? Festive, holiday time is here!

So we had a few visits to Stellenbosch since October, we're exploring that side of the world, I feel that we always go to Cape Town side if we go out for the day. I must say I've been enjoying it so much, Stellenbosch has so much to offer, so it means we will still have to do a lot of visits before we see and discover all the beauty.

If you feel for some strawberries or just a outing with the kids/family there's Polkadraai Farm and then there's Mooiberg Farm both Stellenbosch side. We visited Mooiberg Farm located on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West,if you on that road it will be hard to miss the colourful scarecrows and animals on the sidewalk and don't even talk about the breathtaking landscapes.
There's a lot  to keep you and the kids entertained, strawberry picking with the family, a restaurant for the hungry tummies and a farm stall that sells lovely jams, pickles,dried fruit and many more to take  home.

So where ever you go shop you need to obviously pay for your goods then you can eat it, oh gosh how difficult was that with picking strawberries, while you pick you want to take it from there in your mouth, my mouth was watering to just take a bite. Well my daughter did the tasting, there were just no stopping her from that,lol. It was my first time picking,defnitely not my last, and it was so much fun.After paying I just couldn't stop eating that beautiful sweet delicious red strawberries. yum!

Look at that facey..hehe....this was the look in the begining and after that she couldn't stop eating and smiling.

She's soo busy..

They do the picking,,I will do the smiling :)

I will definitely go again, the strawberries are much cheaper than what they are in the stores and obviously much fresher too, we just picked them, they weren't in the fridge and well the truck and ten other places they normally go to before it reach our tummies..hehe.

love this pic,,,she has the strawbeery on her fingertip ...

We then looked for a place to have a picnic, we went to the Jan Marais Nature Reserve, so beautiful there.I took some pictures but were to tired to walk around, hubby and I just chilled on the blanket with our goodies and the girls had fun at the park.

.                                                                    Thee end...
                                                          Hope you enjoyed my pics :)

                                                            XoXo Nadia SS
                                                      and don't forget to keep Shining!

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