Sunday, 24 July 2016

Eid Ul Fitr 2016: Mommy and daughter photoshoot

Hi lovely readers, I trust you are all well. I had two hectic weeks behind me, my daughter was sick and I had to take time off work which resulted in me having to catch up on work this past week, leaving me so exhausted. So yes I'm super happy it's weekend so I can just relax even just for a teeny weeny bit, psst that word does not exist on a mommy's list.

So after careful consideration I decided just before lunch time on Eid day to go for a quick mini photoshoot. I had to put thought in it because Eid is always a very busy day for any mother, cooking ,seeing to the child-ren, making sure they look beautiful, attending to family and friends that come around to give Eid greetings etc. So this year I had to be clever and do some Eid planning, how am I going to fit a photoshoot in on this busy day? So what I did was to make food like lasagne thats time consuming  and desserts the night before, late night if I may add that, just to have some free time. So on Eid after the men came from mosq and we had our morning traditions, Eid Greetings, having tea/coffee and eating savouries and all yummy things, we quickly slipped away for our photoshoot dressed in out matching outfits. We had a few minutes off fun in the studio with awesome and very friendly photographer Lindi from LB Productions, surprisingly Shazia was all smiles and jolly,  I guess the Eid spirit also contributed a bit hehe, usually she needs to warm up and  take a while before she gets use to someone.

Well I'm glad we we went for the photoshoot, I think the pictures came out lovely, check us out twinning. To me it's very important to have good quality pictures, they grow up so fast and I knew I wouldn't be able to do this photoshoot again if not on Eid, because when are we going to wear the same outfits again, at the same time, who knows... her dressy might not even fit anymore by next month or when I eventually have time, so that's why I decided to just go quick and get this over with so we can enjoy the rest of our day with family and do what we all love doing on Eid, celebrating the joyous day and eating the day away! hehehe...

I must say our Eid was not as chaotic as usual ,so planning will definitely be my new thing going forward. Thinking back to other Eids I remember not even getting dressed in the clothes I bought or set aside to wear for the day, things have really changed since Shazia was born. Having her and dressing her up for Eid makes me want to glam up too, I already feel that I'm missing out on so much with her so glamming up together and taking pictures on Eid, making memories is obviously something we enjoy! Shazia is only two but so aware of herself when she's all dolled up on special days like her birthday and Eid, I always make it my duty to make it special and memorable for her, children love Eid days, they get excited for their new clothes, their gifts or the money they get from family, the yummy cakes and sweets and all the compliments from everyone telling them how cute they look.

About our outfits:
It's actually weird how this outfit came together, both my skirt and top are from Fabulous in Hijab, it was just bought on different occasions. The top I bought in November already at the Fabulous in Hijab Summer Collection Fashion show but never wore it for some reason, then end May  this year at the Eid Collection Fashion show hosted by Fabulous in Hijab I saw the skirt and thought it would go perfectly with the top and that's how this outfit came together. For the finishing touches  I added a vintage bag of my late mother in law(may Allah grant her Jannah), black scarf I bought at the Eid expo and forever new earings.
My daughter got her dress from her aunt. I saw that our outfits are actually similar,  so I added gold touches to hers, cotton on wings for the photoshoot, gold pumps also from Cotton On and gifted headband.

Some family pics

Thanks for reading my blog and always keep Shining ♡ 
xoxo Nadia


  1. Mashallah, such a lovely family :)

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