Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Woman's month:Celebrating Women!

Hi Darlings,
I thought this post was never going to happen, time is just never on my side. So its the last of August and we saying goodbye to Woman's month? Shouldn't every month be woman's month? In my eyes everyday is Woman's day, we should be treated with love, respect and dignity every single day not only on Woman's day or Mothers day.

Empowering one another
I believe we as woman need to stand together and empower each other, we need to support, motivate, encourage each other all the time. All of us go through so many struggles in our lives, some stories we share and some we choose to keep to ourselves, and then you still get woman that want to break each other down. You really don't know what the next person is going through, we all have a way of smiling but deep down so much is happening.
Thank the women in your life for being there for you, sometimes you need to let the person know how important they are to you.


I was fortunate to spend this Woman's day with my friends, we've come a very long way, some of us come as far back as primary school, we reunited on high school and our group of friends just grew bigger. Departing from there and not sure of what the future holds and whether we'll still see each other and be able to uphold our friendship. We went to study further, the year's just flew by, there was a time we saw each other once a year. One by one each one of us got married, and now we at the stage in our lives where we becoming mommies, we all have demanding jobs and some of us still studying part time trying our best to make our dreams a reality, life's tough  if you don't have good friends you can easily fall apart. In this one picture you'll find wife's and mothers that's also work as Project Coordinator, Manager, Internal Auditor, future Accountant and Chartered Accountant. So just setting a date to meet up and have girly chats over cappuccino's and delicious food is just somewhat impossible. We'll be chatting back and forth, changing dates, times, venues and menu's, even having a debate about what colour to wear for a photoshoot, hehehe. We don't see each other a lot so when we do we always make it fun and laugh our hearts out over old stupid things.

Unfortunately not everyone could make it for the photoshoot but there's always a next time, you were missed dear friends.

About the photoshoot
We decided to all wear black but each of us expressed ourselves differently to the kind of person we are and what we love, bringing out our own style and individuality. I think we mastered the art of colour popping, lipstick, nail polish and accessorizing.



We had so much fun ...


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Thank you for reading my blog, hope you liked the post.
xoxo Nadia

Don't forget to keep Shining!

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