Saturday, 14 February 2015

Family Photo Shoot(Part Two): Love is in the air

So It’s Valentines Day :) Happy Valentines to those celebrating.

I’m ten years married now so I’m not a Valentines fanatic anymore like I used to, well I won’t say I don’t celebrate it, we just don’t go out of our way, like booking a room in a five star restaurant just for a night because its Valentines, I do however enjoy the little things like breakfast in bed, lindt chocolates and roses. We do buy each other small gifts though and if my husband’s not working we’ll maybe go out on the eve for the fun of it and to keep the excitement going in our marriage but this year I said I want to go have a picnic, I'm sure my daughter will enjoy that,she loves the outdoors. 
What ever you have planned and desire, I wish you ladies a happy day and hope you get spoilt. :)
In this week I shared pictures of our Photo shoot we did with Mecadee Photography for our tenth anniversary, today I’ll share my favourite part of the photo shoot. This part of the Photo Shoot brought back so much memories, so much love and so much happiness, what made it even more special was the fact that my daughter was there with us. Ten years ago we took our wedding pictures at that very Gardens, like I said in one of my previous posts , same gardens, same couple just ten years later, well the only difference is we back with a whole lot of memories, more love and we have Shazia to show it.
I mentioned that I had two different looks for the shoot and this one is the wedding like look.

What I'm wearing:
Most of the things I wore are special to me because it’s gifts from my husband like the long dress, he bought me a year ago. The necklace he bought me at Zuri one eve we where out shopping, my eyes always wander around, a big problem I have and he just can’t say no to me. The Shivon Shawl I wore the morning of my wedding day, its part of the abaya.

Necklace: Zuri ||Headchain:zulululu ||Scarfs: Thruworths and Jay-Jays| |Belt:Yde ||Dress: Gift ||Shivon Shawl (Old) Top Boutique ||Shoes: (Old )from my closet |Make up :by me

Photo credit: Mecadee Photography

                                                                                          Hope you enjoyed the pics and thank you for visiting my blog                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     xoxo Nadia

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