Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Family: Photoshoot (Part One)

So the month of love has arrived.
 For those who read my previous blog posts will know that my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in December, I wrote a post about it We reached Platinum. I mentioned that we did a Family Photo Shoot that weekend, I received my pictures but didn’t do a post about it on the blog yet,  sooo what better time to do it than in the month of LoooVe :)
The Photo Shoot was done by a lovely lady Melissa from Mecadee Photography (you can find her on her facebook page here ) I heard of her through a friend that I told I wanted to do a photo shoot. I was in luck because at the time she had a special running. She’s amazing, not only is she a great photographer, she’s friendly and she made us feel very comfortable.
I had two looks in my mind for the shoot the one a wedding kinda look and the second one I wanted a more relaxed and playful look so I went for a boho look. I envisioned everything in my mind, here I coudn’t just focus on myself I had to think what I’m going to wear, what Shazia is going to wear as well as my husband.  Did I mention I had to use my dressing skills because photographers don’t have much time, so I didn't have much time to change, in a minute I had to be ready for the second look,lol I just took of my accessories and changed my shoes, fixed my hair and on we went to the next part.
This Photo Shoot was very special to me, well obviously, it was my tenth wedding anniversary a big big milestone in my life, my long awaited daughter was present with us, everything just felt right at the time and I'm sure the happiness reflects in the pictures, well you can be the judge off that,lol.

I’ve decided to do the blog posts in different parts beacause it's just too much to go in one post. I’m so happy with the results and how beautiful my pictures came out...hehe, enough rambling lets get to thee pics….

                                                                                            Thank you for visiting my blog :)
                                                                                                          And don't forget to keep Shining 
                                                                                                            xoxo Nadia                                                  

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