Saturday, 7 February 2015

Lookpost: Stylish Saturday

Hey Beauties,Happy Weekend :)

I guess its everyone's dream to be off weekends rite, it was always mine when I used to work weekends, but even though I don't work on weekends anymore, I spent most of my Saturday mornings cleaning and doing washing. Between all the cleaning and chaos my daughter also wants attention and play, so imagine that, I feel like I'm never getting done. Then when I finally decide to just sit down and take a break, I go on Facebook and Instagram and see everyone is doing something somewhere while I'm slaving,lol, either they having breakfast somewhere, having a mani and padi there, or they at some event and I think to myself when do they clean because tomorrow morning it's the same thing while I'm cooking Sunday lunch.
 So this particular Saturday was one of those , while busy I did a little DIY on my old jeans and made it a little ripped here and there. I then started telling myself I need to get done and finish because I aint spending my whole day cleaning looking like Cinderella in her worst attire. So We took a drive and ended up at this nice spot, while my little angel was sleeping my hubby took a few pictures and well turned it into a lookpost, that's what happens if you don't have a photographer and poor hubby must just be one....hehe.
Yes I'm a busy bee in the mornings but the afternoon I usually like to go somewhere, anywhere just as long as I get out of the house to unwind. It's hectic in the week to go out with so much to do, rushing home, cooking, playing,getting baby ready for bed and a whole lot more. But this whole chaotic Saturday mornings has thought me a lesson to prioritize, get some work done in the week so its not so much over the weekend and the result, more time to spend with my family, go out, dress up  :)

What I'm Wearing:
Old jeans by Kelso Edgars (DIY- ripped )
Shirt: Yde
Wedges: Foschini
Bag: Ninewest (gift)
Midi Rings: Legit
Necklace, Watch, Bracelet: Guess
Sunglasses Burlin eyewear (Yde)
Scarf: Jay-Jays

                                                                                      Thanks for reading my blog  :)
                                                                                           Keep Shining xo Nadia

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