Friday, 19 February 2016


I must admit sometimes I get jealous of those women who don't wear much, the minimalistic kind of women, those who look breathtakingly beautiful by just wearing less, simple colours and silhouettes, sometimes little or no jewelery, minimal makeup. I always wonder how they do it? I can't even leave the house with no make-up without looking like I'm sick or seen a ghost. 
But I thought I'd try it out. I feel Minimalism works best with formal wear because usually you won't over do with formal wear. So I went with a black and rust colour combination, minimal jewelery, not what I'm used to though, I love staking up and wearing big and chunky pieces. The rust pants I liked immediately when I saw it at MRP, the flowy material is so perfect for this weather. 

MRP Rust pants / Woolworths top / Foschini heels / Ninewest bag / Yde earings / Honey Jewelery - Choker  Necklace / Lovisa armband / Guess Watch 

Thank you for reading and keep Shining ♡ 
xoxo Nadia 


  1. I also find it difficult to try the minimalist look because I love colour and accessories way too much! Also, life's to short for a white, black and grey wardrobe ;-)

  2. Gaynor spot on,,,lol we that more is more kind of people.