Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sleeveless Trenchcoat

Since the first time I saw it a while ago, I wanted it, the the sleeveless trenchcoat is so chic and trending. For a modest dresser this is everything, the reason why I personally love it so much is because it covers the most parts needed to be covered by a modest dresser.  And don't think because it looks formal your restricted ,no not at all, you can wear it with anything believe me, a dress, a ripped jeans, wideleg pants I saw some wearing sneakers with it, so dress up or down, what ever you feel. I will be adding different looks in the future.

Outfit details:
YDE Sleeveless trenchcoat/ Woolworths blacktop/ Foschini black pants/ Edgars White heels/ PnP clothing scarf/ Lovisa necklace/Ziri rings,earings

Xoxo Nadia

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