Saturday, 27 August 2016

All black

Hi lovelies,
Happy Weekend!

Today I'm sharing a outfit I wore on Woman's day, myself and my friends went out for lunch and a fun photoshoot afterwards, but I'll share more of that on my next blogpost.

To be honest I was never someone for all black everything I would always mix it with some other colour, but have been kinda liking it lately. Usually when I used to think of all black my thoughts went straight to the goth girl with black nailpolish, black lipstick, chains and spikes. Black is often associated with being too plain, emo or depressed, I know I'm guilty of asking people if they going to a funeral if they dressed in all black.

In contrast to the black I'm wearing I have been feeling very positive and motivated lately. Let me put it like this, I've been working on loving myself and my flaws more. If you don't know I'm a kind of person that hate a lot of things about myself and complain a lot about things I do or did wrong in my life ,mistakes I still make at work for example, I would go home and nag and my husband would constantly tell me you just human and it's human to make mistakes, everything can't be perfect all the time.

So on a more loving note to black fashionistas, according to a survey it's been concluded that black is the colour to wear when you're dressing up to impress. Those who wear black are actually seen as serious and reliable. Most people say they feel more confident and slimmer, some say they look chic and classic all the time. Black never goes out of fashion, coral or any other colour is not the new black, Black will always be black! I'm a person that match my colours and when I wear all black I don't have to question "does this match?". And the reason why alot of people obviously love black is because you can easily dress up and down.

I'm wearing :Yde top and earings/ Lovisa necklace and armband/ Edgars leather skinny/ Legit Fur /Bronx boots (by Edgars)/ Revlon colour stay lipstick

Thank you for popping by and reading my blog,
Xoxo Nadia

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