Friday, 2 December 2016

Make-up Flatlay: Shades of Pink

Hi Beauties,

Happy Friday!

So today we speak makeup, I have never done a beauty post before but there's always a first time for everything right. I actually had no intention of doing a blogpost about this, I had fun while organising the flatlay with some recent make-up purchases and gifts and was about to post the picture on Instagram when I decided right there on the spur of the moment to do a short blogpost about it :) I always get compliments for my makeup and how it's applied, some people say it's so natural. I'm no expert believe me just a hopeless case that keeps on trying till I get it right or not.

So lets start from the top, Lashes and Lips Tshirt from @makeupastorm
I loved this tshirt since the first time I saw it all over Instagram but everytime when I wanted to order it (from different people) they were sold out. I got lucky with my last attempt, not only did I get a tshirt but also a Lashes and Lips cup (came as a combo). 

Essence Volumising Mascara : I always just stick to one brand mascara but decided to try them out and I totally fell inlove, they open up my eyes and give them lashes some volume and lenght like promised.

Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer is to hide the imperfections of your face like dark circles, blemishes etc. They say the two shades in light and medium beige can be mixed to match any skin tone but I think it's too light for my skin tone or I used too much. It does cover but I don't want my skin to look pale.

Eylure Volume Lashes bought at Clicks: I could never apply lashes, I just failed at each attempt but these were super easy to apply they are preglued and light weight. I naturally have long lashes so the volume opens up my eyes and make them look gorgeous, or so I was told. :)

Maccosmetics Mineralize skinfinish better known as Glow! So I made a impulse purchase, I dont like spending small fortunes on make-up but it's worth that GLOW girl and gives the perfect finishing touches.

Avroy Shlain Pink Diamond : This was a gift from my Mommy dearest, I'm very picky when it comes to perfume but when I smelled it I liked it.

Clinique Foundation: This is my everyday lifesaver! I've been using Clinique foundation for a good couple of years now and I don't think I'll change anytime soon. I won't start with the reasons because there's just too many reasons why I love it, it will need a blog post on its own.

Clicks Cosmetic sponges: comes in a pack of three, these are so cute right? I was standing at the counter in clicks when I saw these cuties, what really caught my eye was when I saw that 100% of the proceed go towards the Helping Hands Trust, and anything that has to do with charity gets my attention. Not only affordable, cute and soft on the skin but mainly for a good cause.

Loreal Brow Artist Genius Kit: It's a powder that comes with a angled brush, tweezers and a comb.Who would have thought this would become one of the products I can't go without, if I dont fill in my eyebrows it just doesn't look normal anymore. .

Avroy Shlain Lipgloss- Peachy Keen: another gift from my mother, she buys lipgloss but don't use them. Let me tell you what I love about this lipgloss, it has a LED light and side mirror for easy application so you have no excuse not to apply that lipgloss perfectly, so awesome to use when it's dark. It has a light matte colour and very smooth.

Hope you liked this post and it somehow gave you a bit of makeup info ,,, happy weekend!

Xoxo Nadia

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