Monday, 9 January 2017

Mommy and mini entitled Clean Page

Hi all you beautiful people,

This is my first blogpost for the year and I don't know if it's ok to still say Happy New Year, I mean we in the second week of January already but some people say you can still say so till the end January :) So Happy New Year, Hehehe.

Most of you probably returning back to work today(I guess you dreaded this day), I'm back at work since last week Wednesday and was envying you guys that was still on holiday enjoying yourself on the beach somewhere while I was trying to find my feet here. Last week was really difficult I couldn't concentrate. I felt I really needed to get back into the swing of things, but this is a new week and I'm so ready for it.

Guys I'm excited for this new year, I haven't jotted down any new years resolutions like other times because its all in my mind. I know exactly what I want to achieve this year, be it short term or long term and it will stay in my mind till I achieve it #goals, hehehe spirit hey. I wish you all well for this new year with what ever it is you want to do, live more healthier, study, try something new or just be more awesome at what ever you are doing right now. We all got another chance to start on a clean page, we got another chance to see a new year and each day we get a change to open our eyes to see a new day, Alhamdulilaah (praise be to Allah) so make the best of it.

This photoshoot was done by Capturing Concepts Photography. It was a scorching hot day in the mother city when we did the photoshoot and you know how kids can get in the heat if they not in water. I tried to make it fun and playful for Shazia, check me running and making funny moves to make her laugh.

For a parent the holidays can be very tiring, if not for you but for me. A three year old can be very demanding and nags alot if you don't keep them entertained. And that was what I did or rather tried to do this holiday. As a parent you try your best to make your kid/kids happy but don't always know if you succeeding but yet still try right.
Myself and Shazia had some great bonding time this holiday as Daddy was working, pssst she's a Daddy's girl. I really needed loads of patience, she made me mad all the time because she doesn't listen and catch on her own things, I know they say it's #exploring right. I needed to talk alot, felt like I was constantly on repeat. Nonetheless I felt we had a great time even though so short, we made some good memories and became the best of friends :)

About the look
This look is all about me and my mini-me Shazia. Most of the time we wear matchy clothes or colours but have never really done a photoshoot or blogpost about it, I just always share pictres on my socialmedia. I created this cute look for her starting from the lacercut t-shirt, then added the matching shorts and choker, the shoes and hat came afterwards. I then created my look to match with hers, not quite so cute but I tried to match, obviosly going for a longer pants and covering my arms for a more modest look. Our lace henna tattoos are from Skh_sa , I had a lot of ladies asking me where it's from so there's a link to her Instagram page.

Shazia's outfit details:
Edgars T-shirt & sunglasses / Jet shorts & shoes/ Lovisa chocker 

I'm wearing:
Designer Wearhouse lace kaftan/ Legit lacercut top/ MRP Jeans & sunglasses/ Lovisa earings/ Skh lace tattoo/ Edgars sandals & bracelets/ Forever New watch

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post.

Xoxo Nadia SS