Friday, 15 August 2014

First blog post

Hello, Salaam ,Namaste, Molo all the beautiful people....

So over the past few years and months a lot of people started blogging and managing their own blogs.One of the first blogs I started following was Sue Levy's Inspirational blog and Siyaam's Fashion Blog and just went on and on from there, I began to love blogging so much and always wanted my own but just never had the time to do so.

Sooo here I am writing the first post on my very own blog :) and I'm already starting to like it....I'll be honest ,I'm not going to be formal here, I'm no writer or journalist, hehe,I'll just be myself, this is just my down time to writing,,,aaaah!

I'll just blog about anything and everything, I'll share my life experiences, things I love, things I've seen ,I have a BiG love for taking pictures,of anything that is,nature,fashion,family and mostly my daughter Shazia,so obsessed with!

 So feel free to pop by and read some more...

 Love Nadia <3



  1. Awesome! :) You inspired me to create my own blog!

  2. Aaah thanx love,,,,glad I could be your inspiration :) @adamslola

  3. Way to go Nadia uuuuber excited soooooo when can we collab hehehe