Saturday, 23 August 2014

The reason behind the blog name...shiny sequins!

Growing up with a lot of boys around, somehow made me very boyish,! As I got older things changed and I became this Girly-Girl.

The Sequins clothes, the Shiny shoes, Sparkly accessories all still fascinate me more then ever. They say when you get children it will all change,  in my case it didn't, I  think it just got worse, and the fact that I can play dress-up now with my little girl, all things Pink and Shiny just makes it much more interesting. My mom keeps saying she's gonna be just like me because she loves all these shiny things, but then again, she's a baby, all babies love shiny things.

A friend told me not too long ago Its like my eyes light up and I get all excited when I see shoes, bags etc. Which is so true because that's how I feel when I see beautiful things, especially shoes and I know I'm not thee only one, there's many ladies that feel so.

My blog name actually came from clothing I wore when I was younger, friends use to joke and say 'oooh here comes miss.sequins' coz I loved and still love wearing anything shiny whether its sequins or studs etc. The other thing is my surname Singh-Snyders kinda goes with Shiny-Sequins and my daughters initials is also SS for Shazia Snyders so they all kinda linked.
And that's how I got to ShinySequins :)

Shoes,Bags and Accessories all mine.
Photos taken by myself.

Thank you for Reading
Nadia SS

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