Monday, 8 September 2014

A Tribute to my Mom-Inlaw

My husband just lost his dearest mother more than a week ago and trying to be strong for the family, the words he told me the other night when I asked him how he's feeling stuck with me, he said he lost friends, cousins, aunties, uncles but to lose a parent, your mother is something else.

It made me think, we don't appreciate each other ,you realize when the person is no longer there.A reminder to myself to appreciate and respect my mother more, the time you spend with them is soo precious and so short and you don't know if you will see each other again tomorrow. My thought when I woke up on Saturday morning was to get done and go to the hospital, instead I got a call that she's just passed on, I just burst out crying to think I will never see her again. One thing that I'm very grateful and happy about is the fact that she got to see my daughter and spend the first year of her live with her, because she told me when I was pregnant she don't know if she will see her.

There's always a lot of horror stories about mother in-laws. People tend to make you scared before you get married, well some are true and some not, but it depends on you if you want to make the relationship with your mom-inlaw work.I mean we also had differences but as time went on I understood her more.
Before you get married you are used to your own mom's ways, now when you get married you'll see the family you married into has other ways of doing things, there will be a lot of disagreements ,but we need to accept each others differences. I loved her, we had a beautiful relationship for the past 11years, she taught me and my sisters(inlaws) so much about life and the religion. Things that money can't buy, expensive gifts on her birthday was not important to her but to have a house full of family and be treated with respect.

My mother in-law was an exceptional women her sickness never stopped her from doing her five daily prayers on time,from going to the Moulood meetings on a Sunday, attending functions, from keeping her business running, keeping her house clean and always having food there.She had osteoporosis and she suffered from cancer but she hid her pain so well ,she kept herself so strong for her family, I don't know why older people do that tho ,her cancer came back after she went for Chemo and Radiation last year but I think this time it was bad, she went through a tough time with Chemo and Radiation just for the cancer to come back.
After all that she still looked after my daughter, she insisted, she spoilt her, I think my daughter brought us closer together than what we where.I'm glad I got a chance to tell her a week before she died that I loved her and hugged her ,I always hear people say they wish they could have done that before the person died.

We are all sad, I mean you feel that pain in your heart if someone so close is suddenly not there anymore, but I think the once that really feel it worse than anyone else is the children that's left behind.I pray that thee Almighty put patience and understanding in the hearts of the family and friends.

She will be missed ,but never forgotten.

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