Monday, 20 October 2014


A year older ....wiser, care-less and trust-LESS too.

So I'm a year older now, 29 that is, omg I'm getting,,,but atleast I get told I don't look my age at all, so that's a plus I guess.

This post was written on my birthday but I didn't get to post it, it was just another mad,busy day, so I decided to just enjoy the eve and weekend.

A person always hear as you get older your circle of friends gets smaller, well that's so true.I always had a lot of friends and I always liked being around a lot of people but as I got older and years went by I preferred a smaller group of friends.
I've realized that It's better to have a small circle of friends, once you can trust and love and most importantly understand you and what you going through at times, and not just give up on the friendship when its not going good but supports you.  A persons life get so busy, so much happening, it's work, housekeeping , some have studies, you need to spend time with family, and if you have children they need even more attention, I only have one but she keeps me more than occupied and I love spending time with her, and then you get those people that just doesn't understand when you can't commit.

I've also realized its not about big parties and nice-times any more,just a nice peaceful day or evening out with my family or being at home is just as good.
The past year has actually been a very difficult one, besides all the everyday things, a lot of issues trying to understand people and how they think, I always wonder what makes them act a certain way or say things they say.The post intro: wiser I mean the things you learn as you get older, you start to care-less about certain things that where always so important to you, and the trust issue about people also change.I think I'm a true Libra, always want peace and harmony, and always try to balance everything out.They say I worry too much about people and what they think instead of just living my life and being me, so from now on I'm gonna try to be more me and not please people all the time..And I trust too easily ,then I'm so disappointed when I see the persons true colours.

There's a dark side of life, whitch is not always a bad thing, you learn from your mistakes, who to trust who not, Allah /God gives us all tests and at that time we may feel that we cant go on but there's always that little hope, that little voice inside your head that says keep going, then there's the  beautiful light side whitch we always try to strive to, we always try to better ourselves ,our lifes whether it be spiritually,success, love,etc.
The Hindus will celebrating Diwali this month also-the good over evil.

This is the first post where I just sat down and everything just came so naturally I just couldn't stop typing, I guess it came from the heart then.

Because its a Friday and my birthday I decided to wear a casual, relaxed outfit because I always wear heels and formal.The top I saw while walking in the mall past Legit and just had to reverse to get it, I totally love the casual, chic look and the neck-piece its so me.

Top:Legit/Jean MRP(old)/Bag:Ninewest(gift)/Wedge:FX(old)

Photo from Facebook page Butterflies and Pepples

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