Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Yes for a Big Bag....

Hey Beauties,hope everyone is doing good...

So today we'll talk about bags, Big one? Small one? , I always hear ladies tell each other,,, oooh no I don't like a big bag. because? or oooh no I don't like a small bag....hehe, sound familiar, there's times I love my big bag and there's times I opt for the small one when I know I don't need to take all my baggage along.

Most of us really don't have the time to change bags all the time.I love to 'match' my bag with whatever I'm wearing but since I became a mommy there's just no time for things, especially changing a bag in the morning or evening for that matter.

So this winter I bought a Tan Satchel from Aldo, I don't regret it at all, it's Big ,it goes with almost everything and I get compliments whole day, everyday about my beautiful bag  :)

I've always loved big bags because we females carry a whole lot of junk in our bags like my husband say, they will just never understand! we need to be prepared for anything, I mean anything,eg: that time of the month!! , , the most important things from cell-phone to tablet or ipad, lipgloss(I carry so many in my bag), hand-cream, charger and 2pointplug, earphones, sunglasses a book to read -and the list just goes on and on....
Then when you become a mommy things gets added- it's wipes, a toy, a dummy and a bottle if you go in somewhere and don't feel like taking baby's big bag

Some people say I'm mad to buy expensive bags.Well its all about Good quality and the fact that it can last me'll see the difference if you buy a cheap bag ,non leather etc, you'll see the stiching come out the studs and beads etc. fall off.

Here's a pic of my Tan Satchel and some outfits I wore it with.

Aldo Tan Satchel

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Nadia SS


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