Wednesday, 5 November 2014

FamilyLove+Coral Love = Summer Loving

Hey Shinies

Where is the time flying too, the year is almost over again.So I celebrated my birthday in October and that's two weeks ago again,but because it was a working day we decided to go out the next day(Saturday) to spend some quality time together as a family because we don't get to do that often in this busy lives we living, that's also the reason why I love festive season so much because then its a lot of family time. What a beautiful day it turned out to be, the weather was just stunningly beautiful, we had our favorite dish for lunch(seafood off course),then took long walks through the beautiful streets of Stellenbosch and we checked out their mall, we took a lovely break at Wakaberry for some delicious frozen yoghurt with all kinds of yummy toppings,with that comes free WiFi,lol and kiddies play section.
 My one year old daughter had so much fun, she didn’t even want to be picked up, I guess it was the open spaces where she could run around freely, the fresh air and the beauty of the City.

Sister love
Quaanitah and Zagrah

Pulling my earing

In the mall

About my look: Coral and White goes perfectly together, Coral such a beautiful summer colour but can be worn in winter too to brighten up those grey dull days. I got some nice compliments and stares while walking around, but I must admit this is one of my favorite outfits but with a baby now it is quite difficult to keep clean with such light colours on a day out.Nothing I'm wearing is new but I'll share details anyway.

Hope you enjoyed the pics :)
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Keep Shining

Nadia SS

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