Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sunset, Sophistication and a pop of Lime.

I always get the question do you dress like that to work everyday? where do you get the time? yes I do.And believe me I don't have the time but I make the time.
I believe a female must always present herself in a professional manner whether its going to work or just a quick shopping. Its not only appearance that counts but your overall attitude towards life, others and yourself. I try my best to always look presentable when leaving the house, remember the saying about first appearances lasts forever. I'm not saying be mad like me and apply make-up when ever you leave the house, yes that I do, lol, but at least make sure you look decent. Know what looks good on you. A person doesn't have to wear expensive clothes to look good.

About the look:   A Formal/ Professional, Sophisticated  look with a pop of Lime..
On days when I don't have much time to match my outfits with my shoes and accessories etc I go for the black office look which is always the quickest and easiest option. To mix pastels in will not only brighten up your outfit but your day too, you'll get so much compliments because the black makes the colour stand out more.
I'm wearing black the ulimate formal colour mixed with lime which just brings so much energy to the outfit.I also added some lime accessories.

      Top:Foschini/ Skirt:Woolworths/ Clutch:MrP/Black/Cardigan:Edgars/Accessories:MrP/                         Scarfs:Black:Foschini,Lime:Mrp/ Shoes(Sissy Boy)Belt;Old/Watch:Fossil

Even though it was windy that evening the view was just oh so stunning and it felt so peaceful and what made it more beautiful was the sunset.

You should love this by Coco Chanel

I don’t understand
how a woman
can leave the house
without fixing herself
up a little, if only out
of politeness.

And then, you never know,
maybe that’s the day
she has a date with destiny.

And it’s best to be
as pretty as possible
for destiny.

Coco Chanel

Pictures taken by Lesley Bruce (Graphic Designer and Photographer)


                                            Have a lovely day and Keep Shining :)
                                                         xoxo Nadia SS


  1. Absolutely true! I couldn't agree with this post more...You should always look your best! One of my fav quotes: "No matter how you feel...Get up, DRESS up and Show up!"

  2. True tht one 😊 even if you show up late,atleast you'll make an entrance, , lol
    But you always look good doll.

  3. very sophisticated and I love the pop of color.. ;) I have a new post you might want to visit sometime... ;) or do you mind following each other via Gfc or any other social medias? let me know if you just like.

    Cassie Thriftier

    1. Hey Cassie....
      Thank so much,Checked out your blog love it,,,Followd u on G+ will follow on others soon,@wrk so kinda busy,,lol.,,,u welcome to follow back ya,,,hehe ,,,have a lovely one