Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year, Welcome 2015

Good day Shinies

Happy New Year, even though it's not our Islamic new year we still celebrate new years, everyone does,all religions, everyone all over the world.
My wish to everyone is to have a spectacular 2015, let it be a great one,may all your dreams and wishes come true and most importantly may we strive to become better individuals.
Whether 2014 has been a good or bad year for me I accept it as it is, whatever happened,  happened and was supposed to ,so I'm grateful.

To Love
To those that found new happiness in their lives I wish you all of the best, may your love grow from strength to strength.
Friends we lost and ones we gained. They say there's a reason they came into our lives even if it's just for a small period of time.
Loved once we lost and new ones that were born.

To Success
To the ones that had a successful year well done, but to those that feel they weren't successful this year, well here's to the new year, new possibilities, new opportunities.

To the Future
Everyone takes the new year as a clean page to start over, to start fresh,to new beginnings!
All the mistakes,losses,sadness we went through in the current year, to forget about it and start over.

Every year we start the year of with a bang, we make new years resolutions,we all know new years resolutions don't last too long, hehe, ,,we get to the second week or so then we give up,to those that stick to it, good for you.
There are really some resolutions I could work on like exercising,  less spending and more saving I'm sure everyone feel there's some they could work on.

Most common new years resolutions I always hear people make:
* exercise or exercise more
*eat less ,eat less take aways
*spend less
*oh and save more
*travel ,see new places
*new job maybe
*focus on career
*and those that drink and smoke say they will stop this year, Oh wait they say they will stop every

From my heart
I just want to Shukr ,Thank the few who have been with me through the hardest of times. Thank you. I am blessed to have such amazing  people in my life. 2014 has been a challenging yet at the same time exciting and an amazing year for me. Thank you for staying around ♡
All praises be to the Creator for the chance to live throughout 2014, the good and bad memories. It is all this that make us all human and grow.
May Allah SWT forgive our sins, bless us with contentment in this world and  happiness in the Hereafter. °
Hello 2015. New chapter. ♡

              Here's to a New Year, new resolutions, new memories and success ..Happy New Year! 
                                                                            And Keep Shining 
                                                                                Xoxo Nadia SS 

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