Friday, 9 January 2015

Mommy Talk: a Mothers instinct

Hey Shinies

So it's back to normal, back to work, back to action.
For those that didn't read my previous post, Happy New Year to you.

Today I'm sitting at work, all alone, my colleagues only starting next week, while I am sitting here I so just want to be home, home with my sick little girl. As I left this morning she cried her lungs out (like some people say),she always cry when I leave but not like this morning, she will cry but before I start the car I usually hear her stop, I felt so sad, a baby wants to be with their mommy when they sick, everyone knows that rite, no matter how much they are over their daddies or grannies, they want their MOMMIES! That's why I always say I so envy stay at home moms :(

I remember when I was pregnant and I said I'm scared to become a mother, I'm so scared I'm going to make a mistake, and mommies always told me you will get your motherly instinct, it kicks in as soon as you become one, that's so true. A mothers instinct is never to be ignored. A month ago my daughter got sick, fever, cough ,vomiting and didn't want to eat at all that day,  we took her to the doctor and she said its tonsillitis ,it got worse, she started vomiting each day and the cough just got worse.
A week passed and no improvement, I went to the pharmacy ,explained and they said that she's swallowing the flem and its making her nauseas then she vomits, another week went by and no improvement, still the same case, bringing up all her food when coughing. Took her to a different doctor which then said her tonsils does look swollen and red, again antibiotics, ear infection and nose meds and off we go.
Two weeks passed by and no improvement , fever again and still the bad cough and bringing up plus now she has a outbreak on her skin and lips too , I knew something wasn't rite, so I decided to go see a specialist at the hospital, explained everything ,he prescribed medicine, a whole lot ,again antibiotics!, gosh my poor child lives on antibiotics, he gave two options, said its up to me, either see how it goes for two weeks after taking the medicine then if it continues come back OR we book her in now and take tests to find out what's causing this, I sat and my thoughts just went mad in my head,,,,I'm supposed to start work tomorrow, my poor baby, what if this, what if that, then I just said, 'Book her in'. I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep in the hospital, I'm gonna hate it when they draw blood and stuff and she cries for me but I just want her to get better, and to find out what is wrong with her.

The best decision I made, after taking several tests.The results came back that she has Pertussis —commonly called whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by Bordetella pertussis. In some countries, this disease is called the 100 days' cough or cough of 100 days.
Mommies read up on Pertussis sometimes we think a cough is just a cough and will go away.
She had all her vaccines done but still got it. To think for a month she was walking around with this disease, I'm glad I went with that gut feeling and trusted my instincts, I don't know what could have happened because I read it can be fatal, we went out a lot over December, we thought that she'd get better by the day because two doctors and pharmacist said its tonsils and flem, she was her normal self, running around, busy little girl like she is, just that cough bothered me that didn't want to go away, and vomiting every time is not good at all.So mommies trust that instinct because no doctor or nurse or pharmacists knows your child the way you do.
The sunday before I took her to the hospital we had lunch at a friend and her daughter is also sick now, has a fever and sores in her mouth, still figuring out what's wrong with her.
 Everyone in the house, myself ,husband and mom got antibiotics prescribed to take.

Any parent will tell you the worse thing is to have a sick child, you feel more sick but must keep strong for babies sake, to see your poor little girl or boy in pain and you can do nothing but give meds. Wait I'm lying you can give love, lots of love and prayer :)
The connection of mother to child might be more deeply rooted than what one might initially think.This experience has been a guide for me to block out the noise of others and always trust my motherly instincts, because no one knows my child better than me.


        I just felt like sharing my story, always trust your instinct, especially when it comes to a baby.

                                                                   Happy Weekend and Keep Shining
                                                                         xoxo Nadia SS

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