Monday, 16 March 2015

DIY: Baby Photo Shoot

Hi there !
We all love taking pictures right! But I'm sure everyone went through a time where they took like more than twenty pictures of the same pose but only used one picture ,because you maybe felt only that one picture looked right. One of the reasons why I take my hat off to photographers, It may seem easy to just pick up a camera and take pictures, but its not, you must know what you doing.Well I'm no photographer I just love taking pictures, but have you ever thought of a job of a photographer and how difficult it must be for them at times but yet they must still deliver quality work.

So a while ago my friend Lesley and I did a DIY Photoshoot with baby Shazia (my daughter), she got her camera ready and I got the outfits and d├ęcor ready because that's what I do best. I was so excited because I thought it would be fun, it actually was no joke at all. It was tiring, we had to entertain baba, she's normally a very happy baby but that afternoon she wasn't, it was a very hot day and it was during her nap time and to top it off she had a cold,  so she was very grumpy and not in the mood. Shazia is not like other baby's ,she's super busy and can't sit still, so yes it wasn't easy.  Lesley set up a place in her room but that didn't work out too well, I realised she loves the outdoors so outside we went and it was lovely, light ,and a naturally beautiful atmosphere outside ,and guess what? ....Shazia loved it , she began to smile and be herself and went on posing on her own. hehe.

So a lesson learned while taking baby pictures, a lot of patience required, not during their supposed to be nap time and outdoors is probably the best, well every baby differs but you know what your little one loves so work from there  :)

So here's a few pictures of the Photo Shoot....Tell me what you think.

Photo credits: Lesley Bruce (Graphic Designer and sometimes Photographer)

Thank you for reading and keep Shining ♡ 
xoxo Nadia SS 

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