Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Family Time :Franschhoek

A beautiful Saturday on Valentines day, yep I know I'm so late with this post, I was gonna leave it until a friend asked where our pictures where taken when she saw it ,so I thought let me share, because I'm sure a lot of us staying just an hour away haven't visited this hidden beauty. I myself haven't seen much of Franschhoek and planning many more visits.

So on this day my husband worked and I thought I'll just spend my Saturday at home chilling doing whatever ,until he surprised me and got home earlier then usual. He asked me so nicely to get done, he wanted to surprise me but being the draggy person I am (yes I take long to get done) I was still slow and I was getting looks from him already. So on our way I begged him to tell me where we going and he didn't,  so I decided to just sit back, relax and enjoyed the ride.

So we finally arrived in the small town of Franschhoek, a beautiful day, lovely atmosphere and love was definitely in the air,  the restaurants where all decorated, balloons, roses, you name it. The town is so beautiful and the people so friendly, I wouldn't mind staying here, away from the busy Cape Town,  I thought to myself. We walked around at the stalls, in the streets, sat on the grass, took pictures ,admired the monument and had an exquisite time at a small cosy restaurant. I had such a lovely time even though I must admit half a day is not enough you'll need more time to explore but definitely a day to remember. ♡

She's Daddy's girl
My little family 
Small arm blocking me out, lol
Beautiful Monument 

I just woke up you don't expect me to smile do you mommy...lol

                                                                             Thank you for reading and keep Shining ♡ Nadia SS


  1. Love, love Franschoek, but haven't been there in ages. Think you inspired me to do a day trip over the longweekend...

  2. Me too,glad I could do a little inspiration ,,lol