Saturday, 30 May 2015

Feeling Blue

So I've been feeling just like the post title is saying "blue". Sometimes everything just catch up with a person without you even knowing. My daughter has been sick a lot and in hospital recently, I had to write an exam in that time ( last year after my maternity leave clever me went back to studying). So picture being mom, wife, working and part time studies haha, I can just laugh at myself, its no joke. So I obviously choose my daughter, I would do it over and over again ,I just thought the hell with the exam, I can do that again but my daughter I won't get back if something should happen to her. 
So I guess all the stress, worry, little sleep and poor eating habits just caught up with me and made me sick, I haven't been eating well, it's like I just eat more than usual under stressful situations,I don't care what I eat and I haven't been exercising at all for a while now, so I picked up a few kilos :( Then to top it off I got so sick last week I couldn't get out of bed my body was so sore, I took so much meds just to feel better , I think my body just couldn’t fight anymore. 
I felt so negative and sad and thought to myself I don't want my daughter picking up those negative energy, I need to pull myself together and make peace with the fact that I couldn't write all my exams and in return more time wasted, it already takes forever to study part time, but the most important thing is my daughter is fine and I spent my time with her when she needed me the most and that's all that counts. The thing is as people we tend to concentrate so on worldly things(dunya) and being successful in this life that we sometimes forget what's most important in life, I'm at a point in my life where I just feel to be mom to my daughter and that's it.This week has been much better, I'm feeling my mad old self again,  I'm grateful for everything, Alhamdulilaah and Happy Weekend to you beauties ♡

Outfit details  
Black Sequin Top, Denim Jacket, Skirt,scarf all Edgars 
Shoes : Sissy Boy  (Edgars)
Bag :Nine-West (Edgars)
Midi Rings : Legit 
Earings :Fashion Express 
Watch : Guess 
Armband :Zuri and Guess
Belt & Sunglasses : Yde

Thank you for reading my blog :) and Keep Shining 
xo Nadia SS ♡ 


  1. It's really hard studying with kids and working, I've been there with all three my boys. Strange thing is, after I completed my postgraduate studies I worked for a very short time before I decided to put it all behind me. Follow your heart and you're right, family is more important and your responsibility is to your daughter.
    Good luck, and hope you're feeling better!
    Rushda xx

  2. It's so true Rushda, very difficult indeed. I thought the same thing, a person put in so much effort and loose out so much time with fam, deal with stress and so much more of  studying, working and juggling everything, to just decide in thee end to do the very thing we where supposed and made to do see to our loved ones :)