Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Ramadaan Kareem

 So as the month of Shabaan draws to an end by merely a few hours we await the auspicious holy month of Ramadaan, the ninth month of the Islamic calender. This will be my eleventh year of fasting (In sha Allah ),  I can't believe how time flies, eleven years ago I said the Shahada and started this beautiful journey and embraced Islam. While people of other religions may be thinking here's the month of hunger for the Muslims, I did before I embraced, we as muslims are actually excited about this month. You'll ask Excited to not eat? Well Ramadaan is much more than abstaining from food and drink, the hunger is all that stands out to people if they don't know the real meaning behind it, it's to restore your soul with Imaan( faith  believe), to re-focus your attention on Allah and work on your self-confidence , to let go of the ugly habits and back biting, talking bad about others and at the end of Ramadaan say I've become a better person. I can personally say I've tried my best to do that, if something was difficult I used Ramadaan to help me, over the years I've stopped a smoking, improved my Salaah(prayer) by trying my best to make it on time and not miss prayers, wear modest clothing and step by step wear the head scarf. There's so many things I can think of that I can and need to to improve on, but the excuse of our busy lifestyles stops us from doing these, like reading the Quran regularly, learning new dua's and surah's, so many things but In Sha Allah.
So beautiful to see how everyone start wearing modest clothing and cover their bodies, cover their hair with a scarf, make salaah (prayer) and fast, so beautiful that you can even see the nur (light) on their faces. What would be more beautiful is if we could uphold it even after Ramadaan and not go back to our old habits. But yes no ones perfect we all  just human.
During this month I'll maybe try something new on the blog like posting some easy recipes and still continue with the Mommy Talk about my naughty little girl and Lifestyle.

To our family and friends that did not get to see another Ramadaan may they be granted Jannah tul firdous In Sha Allah. To the newly reverts, our elderly, the sick, the young children, all  those that want to fast and be fasting for the first time may Allah make it easy for you :) I.S
To end of I wish everyone a beautiful month, may all your dua's, dhikr ,good deeds, charity(sadaka, fitrah) and most importantly your fast be accepted by Allah.

Ramadaan Kareem ♡ from Shiny-Sequins Blog
Xoxo Nadia SS

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