Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Baby: My two year old daughters developmental milestones

My daughter just turned two last month but since her birth the paediatrician has always been happy with her development, I remember at four months he said I don't have to bring her back for her six month checkup because she's already doing things babies do at six months, like for example sitting without support. Not to brag but I think her development has just been phenomenal. Before I became a mom I knew nothing about a babies development and growth. I just saw others babies now and then, oh ok now you walking, when I see again, oh my now you started talking but now since I have my own I see everything from where to when, from how to now. I have loved every single thing about her development but the talking part to me is my absolute favourite, I am just totally amazed each and everyday by the things she says and answers back, the things she remembers, things I told her days ago she tells me and I'm just astoned.

About following instructions, hanging washing has just become so much fun and passing pillows when making the bed, to bringing the broom when I want to sweep. Operating a phone so smartly at age one and two from changing screen savers, taking selfies and playing games. And don't even talk about asking hundreds of questions a day.

Little did I know the story about the terrible two's, sorry new mommies but that story is so true ,the tantrums and demanding behaviour just got worse, stamping feet to knocking her head against a wall or where ever the hell she can. I've read that expressing emotions at two years old is so normal but sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out because of these tantrums and naughtiness from scratching in the toilet to demolishing my favourite lipstick, these are just a few of the things this naughty little girl is doing.  

Even though she can speak nicely now, the Mommy word is still my favourite. All these moments just make my day, it puts a smile on my face and fills my heart with love and joy no matter what kind of day I had.Remember If there are any areas where it seems like your baby is lacking don't forget all children are different, some talk earlier than others and some have more teeth than others, each child learn and develop different. Most importantly we must give them all the love and attention they need. 

These pictures where taken at the Cape Town Gardens, we took my daughter to go and run around, see  the squirrels and just have some fun.

This last picture just shows how much she loves sequins (like mother like daughter)...she stopped several times to look down and play with the sequins on her top.

Thank you for reading and keep Shining♡
Xoxo Nadia


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  2. Thank you Jack...I'm glad you liked it and found it informative.