Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My thoughts and experiences: My first year of blogging.

Soo my blog turned one, and I only realised that when I saw a picture of a fellow blogger saying 'tbt to one of my first lookposts', which had me thinking back to one of my first blog post and realised it's been more than a year already, a year! Really? how did I last that long in this mad world called blogging, where you always feel less fortunate compared to other bloggers 'laughing', because they always seem to be ahead of their game, smarter and better, richer and more beautiful, always at every event and gathering and receiving beautiful gifts. Well that's the trick, if you in for blogging with that state of mind, degrading yourself or competing, you not going to last very long, you'll loose big time. You always need to think back to why you started blogging, to inspire someone, be it to dress modestly, to uplift themselves, to look after their bodies and eat healthy, to share your awesome recipes or beauty tips, to start yoga, to share your story, baby and mommy talk, what ever it may be, don't compare yourself to others because we are all different and here to tell a different story.

When I started my blog a year ago it was for the fun of it and to share my thoughts and an outfit-post here and there, not to attend events or get free gifts, not to be featured on pages and other blogs etc. To be honest I didn't take it seriously ,like other bloggers that for example have their own personal photographer, because I neither have the time or money for that, I thought that my hubby's pics will have to do, I never attended events, blogger meetups, nothing! my busy working mom schedule didn't allow me, and my daughter just turned one when I started out so I felt guilty enough being away from her when at work. People and Companies always emailing to ask you to blog about things, like I have all the time in the world hey, I'm already struggling to blog about my own things. I remember wanting to delete this blog so many times in the beginning, I felt it's just a waste of my time, energy and money. But little did I know how this simple little blog will grow, little baby steps or giant leaps I don't care, it grew everyday bit by bit, on some social media platforms more than others.
 People started telling me they love my blogposts and that's what kept me going,  on my pace. So some of the things I just mentioned above did however change, I do get featured on Instagram pages and other blogs, I do try to attend some events if I can, and I would really support all the bloggers and designers at their events but that's just not possible. And through Instagram I got a feature on the television show An Nur the light that will air sometime in November,  and this month I won a Yoga competition, free classes for the month of October with Yoga with Imrah (check her out), it was very exciting because I never won something on Instagram before, and who knew that ladies can inspire each other so much without knowing one another, a big up to the awesome inspiring ladies I met through Instagram.

And here's to the ugly truth, to be honest some people will follow you, some won't even if you follow them, but some will really support you no matter what, and I really just like to say Thank You very much, for every like, comment ,share what ever you did that contributed to the growth of my blog. I'm no professional but I'm trying and I enjoy it and that's all that matters.

Keep a lookout for a Give Away I'll be having soon on the blog. It's summer time and #BohoMadness is back so I'll have a small Boho gift soon to one lucky person.

Thank you again for reading and keep Shining♡
Xoxo Nadia SS


  1. I love candid posts like this. I agree that you should always blog for you and never forget why you started blogging in the first place. I'd much rather have a small group of supportive followers than thousands of ghost followers. Congrats and one year and your An Nur the light feature!

    1. Thanks so much Gaynor ;) yep we always need to remind ourselves why we started. ...and that's so true what you saying. ..less is more. Lol