Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lookpost: Black on White

Peace and Blessings Beauties and Happy Sunday 

Trying to figure out this unpredictable Cape Town weather is just crazy. It makes a person so confuse about what to wear. Sometimes when you look out the window it looks like its going to rain, when you already out and then it starts getting hot or vice versa. That's exactly what happened on this particular Saturday, when I peeped out it looked so overcast the morning and later started to get hot,then after five it started drizzling, but that's the Mother City what else did we expect.

Even while sitting and typing out this blog post I felt a slight chilled breeze still in the air, I mean its like November month already but the cardis and leathers are still being worn, where usually this time of the year it's already boiling hot hey.

About the look
I remember the morning while putting this outfit together before I added the black elements to it ,it looked like something was still missing. I liked the minimalistic look but felt the outfit still lacked something to jazz it up. Till I added some of the basic 'must haves' like the fringe bag, cateye sunglasses, mules and kimono ,all in black offcourse. Not only did it bring the outfit to life but the contrast effect made it stand out more.
Since I can remember black and white has always matched perfectly together in a professional and casual kind of way. Like who doesn't love Monocrome!

Outfit details : 
Zoom shoes | Zuri Accessories | Legit Fringe Bag| Kimono Cpt Night market| Guess Watch | Shirt, Scarf, Jeans & Cateye sunglasses all MRP

Thank you for reading /visiting  my blog and always keep Shining ♡ 
xoxo Nadia SS