Sunday, 18 October 2015

Thirty and Fabulous

So I just turned thirty,wow! what a big number that sounds like, but before I go on and on I firstly would like to Shukr thee Almighty s.w.t Allah for sparing me another year on this dunya (earth), Shukr for how far I've become,  I might not be where I wanted to be at this time in my life, but I'm eactly where I should be, where Allah intended me to be.

I am my biggest judge, I judge myself all the time, I put myself down and most of the time my fears eat me up until someone close to me tell me I can do it only then do I realise how little I think of myself. I think sometimes as women we don’t take a moment to acknowledge our achievements and recognise our successes and realise  how far we’ve come professionally and personally. I didn't achieve what I wanted, I'm done beating myself up, there's still time to do what I want, I'm still young, I now smile because I have so many things to be grateful for. I’m blessed beyond belief for the life and family I have, the happiness and love we share is what my live is all about. There’s no greater feeling than knowing that no matter what, your family has your back. 

I remember so clearly when I was younger and my mother just turned 33, I told her she's old and she told me she's still very young and she feels the same, not a day older, I guess you only as old as you feel hey. I always imagined at thirty you'd have it so together, life would be all figured out,yet I'm still trying to find myself, it feels I'm only getting to know the true Nadia now, as I'm getting older. I also imagined myself being surrounded by three little angels by now,running around and playing (yep you read right, I want three, Insha Allah), we have one little miracle, Alhamdulilah....So two to go!

About the outfit:
I feel this post tittle should have been 'how to look good without breaking the bank' the reaction I got when I stepped out of the car where I arrived for this photoshoot, my friend Lesley couldn't stop saying wow and raving about my Cape. Can I just brag for a moment and say out loudly," I made this Cape, yes me!"  I also cant believe it when I look at these you see a future fashion designer in the making. Hehehe...I got my inspiration from pictures I saw on Instagram. I must admit I strugged a bit with the neckline but ya it was my very first item I ever made from scratch, not a hem or an alteration I made this cape from A to Z.
I didn't want to look quite like Red Riding Hood so that's why I mixed the black with the red,  I felt the red showed the more feminine, sophistication with a hint of sexy while the Cape gave the feel of a now more grown up, and in-charge women in me. Stylish yet modest like a thirty year old women, I guess.

Cape: made by me| Top & Skirt: Edgars |Sissy Boy shoes: Edgars | Ring & Armband: Zuri | Clutch bag & Sunglasses: MRP | Belt :Yde 

As I say bye-bye  to my twenties and Hello to my thirties, I feel comfortable in my own skin, I believe it takes different stages and tests to find yourself and I'm still trying and learning everyday, I strive to become a better person, if you met me about three years ago you would have met a completely different person.

I hope you enjoyed this post, tell me what you think?

Thanks for visiting, reading my blog and let's keep Shining! 
Xoxo Nadia


  1. I can totally relate to this post. When we come to a milestone birthday we as women seem to feel the need to beat ourselves up about where we are in our lives at that moment. But it's like you said, there's still more than enough time to achieve those goals! You look fabulous and you've got great fashion design skills too!

    1. Gaynor I have been doing that too long,I've just decided to let it go and focus on the future no gain in crying over past things hey.. #sotothefuture .And thanks I was told so long by closed once to do fashion design but didn't listen so only now I am starting to make my own things. I'm trying. Lol

  2. I was so blown away by the outfit I forgot to say a belated happy birthday