Sunday, 21 May 2017

Stripe shirt

Hi there ladies, how's it going?

I know I've been awfully quiet on my blog lately and not posting as much as I'd like, I apologise. Last month myself and my little one went to Namibia to visit family and I really wanted to blog about our trip but just never got the time. 

My thoughts lately
I aways think about how blessed I am to have such a great family, they don't realise it but it's all the little things that count. My daddy (dad inlaw) goes and fetch my daughter everyday from creche, by the time we go fetch her she already ate and most times went to mosque with him to make Maghrib, and she loves going to mosque with him. Sometimes I fetch her before they leave for Magrib and she cries to go with to go make salaah, how cute. My mommy on the other hand cooks for us every other night and that really helps when we get home late and hungry, she'll decide to do our washing just because, and all these little things really help in our busy lives and I appreciate it so. But besides all the great stuff and knowing my baby is safe I can't seem to shake the weird scary feeling that I've been having lately. I have thoughts like "What will I do if anyone tried or did something to my family but mostly my baby". I guess it's all the horrible things happening in Cape Town / SA lately, it's not only happening to babies/ young children but also to adults. What goes on in the people's minds raping and murdering? Are more and more people becoming mentally ill? I mean no person in his/her right mind will do such things to a baby. Just the thought of it makes me sick, sometimes the headlines alone are so bad that I can't even read futher. I'm so worried when my child's not with me and constantly phoning and wanting to talk to her. I pray each and everyday to the Almighty to guide and protect our children. 

On a more positive note in less than a week the holy month of Ramadaan will start, I'm so excited. Not only a time to cleanse our bodies but also our minds and uplift our spirits, do good and give more, more than we do in the rest of the year. In Sha Allah. Wishing you a beautiful month and may you reap the rewards of this beautiful month and may your fast be accepted In Sha Allah, Ameen. Ramadaan Kareem to you and your family. 

About the look:
 I went to an event and decided to wear the stripe shirt. Who doesn't love a stripe shirt? especially one with bell sleeves huh. This kind of shirt has been trending on Instagram/ Pinterest for a while and I've been loving it. This particular one I'm wearing I bought from online shop @phashionista, found them via instagram (like I find most of the online shops)Their service is amazing ladies, you can inbox her and withing minutes she will respond back with price, size or availability or what ever you want to know. I've had instances where I inbox or even comment on a pic to ask about a price or something and they just don't bother to reply or they reply after a week. I just went and matched the rest with my top and jeans, the bag, chocker, boots and jacket goes together and I added gold accesories.

Outfit details:
Stripe shirt : Phasionista_sa
 MRP Jeans & chocker
Forever New watch
 YDE sunglasses and Earings (4Flavour )
Sissy Boy Bag and bangles from Edgars &
Charles and Keith Boots (bought last winter)

These pictures were shot by my colleague JP (instagram:ctthe_life_photographer/)


Thank you for reading and always keep Shining!
Nadia SS

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