Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Events: Fun at the Styled up Fair

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I know it's been a while since I last blogged. It was Ramadaan and before I knew it it was Eid. Today I'll share a post with you that I actually wanted to share before Ramadaan but just never did the final touches and got hung up and then completely forgot about it, sounds more like a forgetful grandma to me hey?

So this post is all about the fun I had at a event I went to in May. Echi "my blogger friend" from Halaalife blog was the event organizer and she's also the Brand Manager for Fair Couture. The event was to showcase Fair Couture's latest designs, shop, mingle, meet and eat, no wait and dance. I ate dishes I never ate before, very delicious Indonesian foods, the starter was what they call bakwan (it's like a daltjie) and the other one rissoles, tasted like a springroll just a bit different and very tasty (such a pity I didnt take a pic). In fact with every break came something to eat.
After the duas and greetings the lovely Yasmine from Chantique Health and Beauty did a makeup demo and some lucky ladies also won amazing prizes. Then after showing us a few designs we had a break to shop and mingle and then enjoyed delicious thai noodle and bottled water. Lots of entertainment followed on stage, the ladies from Sams dance studio made it so much fun and even if we were'nt the once on the stage shaking it, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

 Echi was full of surprises and a really great and funny host, she was such a natural on stage and so full of love. Then came the big surprise when she joined the dance studio ladies on stage doing a dance on Justin biebers song, everybody was surprised and wanted to join the dance shcool after that. Some great energy went through Erin Hall. 
Guess what? another break to have some desserts​, delicious fruit kebabs and green pancakes with coconut filling served with hot tea or coffee of choice. And for a takeaway the cutest cupcake from Shazzy cakes and treats & some won cappuccino vouchers from mista Barista Coffee.

They also had a professional photographer, the lovely and talented Quanita from Quanita.e_photography, so anyone could go and have their pics taken (private pics that was emailed to us personally) at the “photobooth” .

Guests enjoy shopping Fair Coutures range. (top)


Makeup demo and pamper sessions 

Laughs on the stage while showing of some of Fair Couture's designs.

Rana Scarves stocking beautiful colourful pattern and pom-pom scarfs also chokers from Rogero Style, Halaal nailpolish from Novabeauty and more.

Bottom:  Echi doing a dance on stage with the ladies from the dance studio

  guests joined on stage

Food food, yummy Thai food

Some pics by myself and and some by Quanita E Photography

I hope you enjoyed.
Thank you for reading and always keep Shining!
Nadia SS

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