Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Events: Nasi Uduk Cooking class by Halaalife

Assalaamu alaikum / Hi
Beautiful people,

On Saturday myself and a friend attended our first Asian Cooking class hosted by my blogger-friend Echi Ismail from the blog. Echi and I met through blogging two years ago and at the time she just started her own show on the Voice of the Cape radio station sharing her asian recipes, cooking methods and everything about halaalife. I was invited once to join her on one of her talk shows to speak about modest exercise clothing.  She has been giving asian cooking classes since last year and it's been a great success. Well done Echi!

Myself and Echi
With my friend Saadiqah

The class we attended was the Nasi Uduk class.
Nasi Uduk is coconut rice served with Ayam Goreng Kalasen (friend chicken), Telur Dadar  (Indonesian omelette) mie gorg (instant noodle) , Sambal o elek (chillie paste), Krupuk (prawn snack) 
Refreshing homemade iced tea and won ton/dim was served on arrival. Each one received printed out recipes to take home and try out. After the greetings and introduction she explained what we will be preparing and divided us into two groups.

We immediatly clicked as a team even though we just met, everyone interacted and soon it was chopping, chats and laughter. A question here and there and when Echi explained something it was silence and attentive listening.

After minutes the flavours exploded and the lovely smells were flowing in the space where we were cooking, smells of Ayam Goreng , mie goreng and no one could wait to taste the prawn krupuk.

having fun while cooking

I was really amazed how Echi remembered everyones names in the class, she made everyone feel at home, and not any home, an asian home.
To be honest when I used to see an asian dish it always looked so difficult to prepare but realised that's not the case at all, it's quick and easy if you follow the instructions and know the english meaning of the ingredients, your good to go :) 
Time to indulge!


When we were done with the cooking we were seated outside of Echi's backyard and the setting was just perfect, a slight summer breeze and while eating we could hear the birds chirping. The food was very filling and tasty. We were chatting and I could feel that lazy feeling creeping in, Oh gosh did I feel sleepy after that, I really think I ate too much. "How did I not keep space for the steamed brownie we still need to make."

So everyone up and ready to go make dessert, I'm obviously the last to get up coz lazy. Whip the eggs, add the other ingredients and ready to go into the steamed pot. That went so quick!

In no time we were seated again and yep I obviosly had a piece of steamed brownie with a lovely cup of jasmine tea. Some were treated with beautiful henna patterns from Tougedah from handmadebytou and Echi also gave us a pupper show, hehehe funtimes!

Annalize's hand

Echi and I have been supporting eachother on our bloggig journey since we met, we don't see eachother often but when we do its fun and no matter how busy it is we make time for a pic :) 
Echi and I

Shukran for stoppimg by and reading my blog, I hope you will be back for more
Always remember to keep Shining.
Love Nadia SS

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