Thursday, 5 April 2018

Collaboration blogpost by NAN : Time to unwind

Hi there,

 Does the title of this blogpost make you think of the baby formula NAN, if so then I know you're a mom, soon to be mom, aunt or something in that line, lol. Well in this case NAN is not a formula but stands for

Nadia - Abieda - Namreen

We're all wife's and most importantly mothers, whether of one or three, big or small, kids have their way of making us mad and even though we love them so so much we need to try and keep our sanity for our own and their sake, right? 
So we did this collab blogpost to share what we do to unwind after a crazy day or week of work, managing kids and everything else.

Meet the bloggers I did the collab with Abieda and Namreen 

Abieda Siers 
Mom of pretty twin girls and the cutest baby boy of 6months.
Go read on crazymomjournal
how she keeps her sanity.

Namreen Sonday 
from namusnarritives . Mom of three beautiful kids. Go have a read on Namreen's blog what she does to unwind.

And then there's me, mom of a busy little four year old girl that keeps me on my feet. Please read further to find out what I do to de-stress :)

 So the number one thing I look forward to from the moment I open my eyes in the morning is a cup of coffee, no matter what time of the day or night, that one cup of pure bliss is what gives me life! Yes, yes I'm one of those 24/7 kind of coffee moms.
I enjoy it even more if shared with a friend or two but that only happens once in a while.

Soothing smells
A massage, mmm that would be perfect if a person could receive everyday but let's stick to what's realistic in this busy life. To me when having a warm shower (obviously a quick one, lol) the Youghazi body wash in Orange Blossom Amber Accord Ylang Ylang definitely makes me feel like I'm in a massage room for a bit, the soothing smell calms me and gives me that instant relaxation.

 The most expensive thing to de-stress you'll think. But strange enough the cheapest most simple thing I get myself will make me happy and I can feel those stress hormones disappearing.

Even after a long stressful day sometimes typing my heart out (in other words blogging), makes me feel at ease somehow and it's a way of destressing. It's like releasing whatever has been pilling up on the insides. 

And I'm not even going to lie I cant remember when last I read a book and I love reading however I read alot of articles and blogs online these days because that's where we live, most of the time Online.

Being optimistic 
They say being optimistic helps reduce the negative toll stress hormones take on your bodySo no mater what the situation I always try to stay positive.

I don't stay too far away from work but that 20 minute ride to and from work everyday I really enjoy. It's my alone time before I pick up miss chatterbox. I put on my favourite music and there I go singing along and hitting those false notes, not only does it release that work stress but that happy feeling comes along, puts me in a good mood for sure. 

 I know this one's on almost everyone's list of de-stress things and yes it should be so I'm not even gonna try to give excuses but I do enjoy walking. I know I'm lazy but atleast it's something and I enjoy doing it, different views and some fresh air.

Last but definitely not least whether taking a hike or just sitting and admiring the beauty of nature truly makes me happy. I can sit for hours and watch how the clouds move or the sun set. They say exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing.

Thanks for reading and do let me know what you do to unwind.

Xoxo Nadia SS

Always keep Shining!

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