Sunday, 29 April 2018

Living in the moment

So lately I've been living life in the moment or at least trying to. Yes, I know I'm the last one to be talking about living in the moment because I always have a phone in my hand ready to capture every last detail of what's happening. I'm the one that starts the day off by updating my insta-stories posting about my lovely morning coffee to the crazy meeting or deadline, what I'm wearing or what's for supper but for the past two weeks I have slowed down and went from posting whole day everyday to once or twice a week. I have decided instead of capturing the amazing or even not so amazing moment I'll enjoy, embrace and appreciate it without distractions. I didn't have to get that perfect angle and let the actual moment slip by without realising it, that is exactly whats happening because we focus too much on getting the perfect picture but miss out on the actual moment. 
I love taking pictures so I won't stop capturing them but I feel some moments shouldn't be wasted with the interruptions and will be remembered as a beautiful memory, they don't have to be shared with everyone. And I'm not saying that I'm not going to post as much anymore but sometimes I get those up and down times when I feel like deleting my blog with all my social media accounts and then there's times I feel like going crazy and posting a lot of pics non stop. 

Life gets so busy and at times it's good to slow down and take a break and focus on what's important.
I'm glad I started slowing down now because we like two weeks away from Ramadaan, a time where I would rather much spend my time doing other things and not live online. So in a way I'm prepping I guess.

Can we just chat about the great photography done by a lovely lady by the name of Zeenat Banderker pursuing.pictorialism
Not only is she very talented but also very fashionable, the day I met her you would have thought that she's the one going for a photoshoot all dressed up in heels and looking good. When I asked her she replied and said that she feels very comfortable working that way, while doing the shoot I saw that she really was super comfy she ran in heels when I forgot my sunglasses at a particular spot and literally lied on the floor to take a picture of my shoes. She's just amazing, guides you through the shoot and tells you what works and what doesn't. We ended up having cappuccino's and long chats that day as if we knew each other for a long time. If you would like to check out more of her work head over to her Instagram page Pursuing.pictorialism also see my previous post here

About this look:
I really enjoyed creating this look, it all started the day I saw this beautiful top with embroidery detail on the Instagram page of Akusesari . The rest of the pieces was added, Crushed scarf in cornflower blue from my fav Rana Scarves , Lovisa tassel earings and jeans and wedges.

 Hope you enjoyed the post and that you'll be back for more.

Pictures by Zeenat @Pursuing.pictorialism

Xoxo Nadia SS 

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