Thursday, 14 June 2018

Fashion: Glam up your look with a kimono

Can you believe we already saying farewell to this beautiful month of Ramadaan. It's totally unbelievable how the month just flew by and this is the time when most people are running around for their last Eid shopping, my thoughts and duas are with my sister in-law in Namibia while they preparing to say their final goodbyes to their beloved father. Two weeks ago my husband also lost a very close friend, for the first two weeks of Ramadaan every night after taraweeg he visited him at the hospital and it was a very sad day of his janazaah, leaving behind his wife and four beautiful kids. This month has once again opened my eyes to what's really important in life and that we are only on this dunya (earth) for a very short time.

 I haven't been posting much on social media because I told myself before the start of Ramadaan that I will limit myself and not spend too much time online. The Eid inspo looks and collab photoshoots I was approached to do, a Tv interview and a pop-up launch of an international brand I was invited to, with everything that happened this past month this all never happened, Allah knows best. Seeing that I never got around posting this lookpost even though this photoshoot was done more than two months ago I thought why not share it now it may just be some inspiration to someone. 

I won this kimono last year October at an event and I loved it from the moment it was handed over to me on stage, I was reminded that it's one of a kind and reason being it's from the first collection of kimono's ever made by @Europa_ede. Many clients wanted to purchase it that day and I do see why. This kimono is the center of attraction I won't forget the day I did this photoshoot while roaming around Rhodes Memorial from the one spot to the next I received so many stares and compliments from people that day, but those good stares you know.
I love the flowiness, the beautiful print and the pop of vibrance it brings to the outfit. You really don't have to do much to make it stand out because the kimono speaks for itself and that's where I incorporated the perfect maxi dress, matching scarf and block heel which complimented the kimono perfectly. This kimono can be styled differently for all occasions, I even think this look can easily work for Eid.

Maxi dress : Diyana
Kimono: Europa
Scarf : Rana Scarves
Block heel & cuff : Yde
Earings : Khaos Jewels

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid In Sha Allah. Ameen

xoxo Nadia SS 

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