Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Black and Gold Inspired Look....

A beautiful Sunny Sunday afternoon, and I felt like dressing up.

Like many others I don't have one favourite colour, I like too many colours and it change like seasons ,but of my favourites its definitely Gold.
As a Muslim female I always try to cover certain parts of my body, like my mom inlaw used to say cover your ourah, personally I feel much comfortable so, and more confident as well.
This black dress was bought from Edgars and I just love it, it covers ,its sexy and sassy and easy to wear with anything.

I'm wearing:
Dress and Leather/Black Skinny: Edgars
Bag: Aldo Tan Satchel
Shoes: Rage
Belt: Yde (from a different dress)
Glasses: Gift
Photos taken by Quaanitah Snyders

                                    Thank you for reading ,have a lovely day :)