Monday, 4 May 2015

Baby Bum-Bums

It's twelve and I'm on my third cup of coffee for the morning already, but what can you do if you so tired and need to stay awake for babies sake. We on day five already in the hospital, keep thumbs that we go home today, gosh a person get no rest in this place but at least the food is good and I don't have to cook, hehe.

Shazia going straight for the pudding, lol
Shazia's breakfast 

The last time I wrote a post like this was in January when baby Shaz was admitted, we where doctor in, doctor out and no one could tell us what was wrong with her,for weeks she was vomiting every time she coughed, until she was hospitalized and several tests where taken and they found out it was a disease called Pertusses  ,read more about it here mothers-instinct

So here we are again, same thing , we saw different doctors and pharmacists in the last three weeks but no one could really help her. I just feel so frustrated, tired, angry,emotional all at the same time, to think she must always be hospitalized for them to take the matter seriously and to find out what is wrong with her ,after I've been explaining the same thing to all of them,or must it go on for weeks before its serious.Don't get me wrong I have nothing against doctors ,infact I always  admire them for their hard work and little sleep, but when it gets to my daughter its a different story.(says every mom ever).
Well let me start from the beginning, it started with just a runny nose, the next day me and hubby decided she stay home because she didn't look too good and her eyes where red, then the night the fever started, vomiting and diarrhoea .The next morning she was so sick and weak, lack of energy,  she was just crying whole time, so to the doc we went and he said she's got an all-in-one ,ear and eye infection, nose and throat,vomiting and diarrhoea.After a few days of taking medicine and antibiotic(gosh seems like my poor child live of antibiotics) she was fine, besides the diarrhoea. Days passed and still the diarrhoea didn't stop, So I went to the pharmacy to get stuff where they told me to take her off milk for at least twenty four hours and just give glucose water and nothing else not even food , gosh how on earth am I going to do that, we just walking out the pharmacy there she's already asking for chippie. So that didn't quite work out because after a few hours I felt too sorry for her, she was hungry and crying for milk, so maybe that's why the glucose water didn't work, so ya her tummy was still the same and well the ointment and powder thing they gave didn't work.I thought I'd give it a few days maybe it will go away ,it just got worse, so bad that every time I cleaned her bum I cried with her, my husband thought I'm mad but seriously I couldn't take it anymore ,he had to take over, her bum was so bad, raw and bleeding and not getting better ,obviously because the poo not stopping.

So our next stop after another few days was the 24hour emergency at the hospital, they still didn't admit her to get better,just gave ointment and things to drink again.I would have been so happy if this doctor just booked her in, but he said she's fine and she's eating and drinking and not vomiting.I know but the poo not stopping and her bum just getting worse. By then I was so tired already of cleaning bum whole day, she was scared of cleaning because it hurts ,she didn't even want to sit in a bath, the pampers where just flying up to fifteen nappies a day, money don't grow on trees do they.
 I've been trying different bum creams, I let her walk around for few minutes for it to dry out a little, this one says try this,that one says try that, my word, what works for one might not work for the other, everyone is different,but I rather won't name all the stuff because maybe it does work but just because the diarrhoea didn't stop it didn't help. It's almost three weeks, doctors,pharmacies, everyone's advice, I'm fed up so I just decided to use vaseline, pure clean unscented vaseline, old people remedy.

So after all this drama and going for week three already with diarrhoea, then I saw blood in her poo, phoned the pediatrician, explained everything to the receptionist and she was so helpful and kind, even though they where fully booked she got me an appointment with the pead, I knew he was going to book her in so I already packed her bag.So after taking tests on bloods, urine and poo and what ever else, It was found that the bad bug was caused by antibiotics previously taken, and she's getting the correct treatment now and not the next best thing they think is needed for diarrhoea, this isn't just any diarrhoea.
Clostridium difficile Infection (info taken from here Cdiff-patient)
Take antibiotics only as prescribed by your doctor. Antibiotics can be life-saving medicines.  When a person takes antibiotics, good germs that protect against infection are destroyed for several months. During this time, patients can get sick from C. difficile picked up from contaminated surfaces or spread from a health care provider’s hands.

I feel grateful that the core of the problem was found but doctor checked her ears and she needs to see the ENT now again, doctor said get it sorted while we here,one thing after another.

Here's babies that's so sick and has diseases so bad that this problem seem so small, my heart goes out to them and their parents, we can only say is Algamdulilaah(all praise be to Allah ) , she's a live, she's with us,  she's fine and healthy besides the poo and bum,and it won't be long then we back home.

And to end of on a good note, in this difficult time I managed to get her of her beloved dummy, yeah! No more looking for dummy.I can't believe how easy it was, after a day of no dummy she asked where it is so I said dummy gone, she repeated after me saying dummy gone and showed with her hand, asked me several times on different days and I told her each time mommy told you dummy gone :)
On that about always looking for babies dummies, my new instagram friend and great business minded mommy is selling hand made Braided Leather Pacifier Clips she makes herself by the way, l will definitely be buying them for my second baby because I'm always looking for dummies,go check it out on her blog here follow link
Here's a picture of Shaz while being sick at home and last days with dummy,still so naughty while sick.

As a mommy I always tend to feel guilty when my precious angels get sick ,we as mommies ask ourselves is it something we did, but its not our fault, babies get sick very quickly, they pick up germs anywhere and there's nothing we can do about it.I guess we can only be there for them,look after them to the best of our ability, care and give all the love we have.

My reason for writing about my daughters sickness is to inform other mommies, so if the same happen to them they will know what to do,what not to do,how quickly to react and not go through the long channels of suffering like me.
                                                                         Thank you for reading and keep Shining ♡ Nadia SS ♡

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