Friday, 31 July 2015

Eid: Lookpost

Salaams & Hello beauties ♡ Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is doing great, I had one mad week but between all the madness I got some exciting news too, will share it next time when its actually in the process of happening.
So this is kind of a delayed post ,after being home for Ramadan with my daughter and returning back to work the Monday after Eid has left me with no time on my hands and also delayed my eid lookpost, even that felt like too much to do ,everything feels like a rush again, rush to work,rush from work to pick up my daughter, rush home to cook ,etc...
So on the topic of Eid or Labarang like some capetonians call it ,I'm happy to say it turned out to be such a beautiful sunny day filled with laughter and joy, Alhamdulilaah, I always love Eid atmosphere, everyone's so jolly and even in a more happier mood if its sunny. If Eid had been the Friday then we would have had to stay indoors because it was storming  whole day. I was actually so glad when the moon wasn't sighted the Thursday eve because I really wanted to still get me a henna tattoo, hehe ,sound like a small little girl hey but at the time I thought it would go really well with my outfit I'm gonna wear and I think it did hey.

You won't believe me when I say I didn't buy me anything new for Eid , I was focusing more on getting something for my daughter. This was actually the first time I got her an Eid outfit since she was born all the other times she wore outfits she got as gifts :)
I don't know why but I just loveee matching her with me ,even if its just the same colour.

About my look.
The maroon top I wore I got as a gift from a very close friend last year and never got a chance to wear it, I love the long length and how it covers and of course the sequins, everybody knows I love anything with sequins. The shoes I got as a Valentines gift from my husband, I obviously choose the colour to go with the top and to my surprise when it arrived it matched perfectly, and I must say they are very comfy, I walked and ran in them whole day, yes on Eid of all days when my stomach is constantly full and I must run after my busy daughter too. The scarf was my mother in laws. The head chain I bought from a online store Zulululu lastyear. Whole day where ever I went I was told I looked like an Egyptian lady . lol ....

Outfit details : 
Maroon top:Gift
Shoes and bag gift from husband 
Scarf: my closet 
Head chain :Zulululu 

My Family ♡

              Xoxo Nadia SS
Thank you for reading my blog and keep Shining

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