Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Streetstyle shoot with An Nur - the light

Salaams & Hello beauties

In my previous post I mentioned that something unexpected had happened and that I would share it when it actually did, for those that follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page must have seen I mentioned and load pictures of the street style shoot I had with the Islamic television show An Nur the light.

One night after a busy day while checking my emails I received an email from An Nur asking if I would like to feature on their show,  I was so shocked because this was really something unexpected and unimaginable. I've seen so many familiar bloggers on the show and always thought how do they do it, they look so confident and comfortable I don't think I'll be able to do that if it was me, so now it's actually my turn, should I say yes? how am I going to do this? All the thoughts that went through my mind. I'm so shy and already nervous just by the thought of being on television in front of millions of viewers. Any other person would  obviously respond immediately to the email but No not me, I didn't respond until I've actually thought it through.  Ok obviously I realised it's something big, or at least to me it is, to get a opportunity to be on a tv show like An Nur and share my thoughts about something I love ,fashion off course.

I then started thinking what on earth am I going to wear, I'm a person that plan my outfits in advance but with this weather one day sunny next day rain, I felt clueless. I decided on two outfit options just in case it would be very cold and rainy. Good for me on the day it was actually sunny with a bit of wind, so I went for a light colour dress(worn as a top) with shiny sequins on which I really felt explains me, I love shiny things and that's no secret hence the blog name. In contrasting to the light colour I wore a tan cardigan with matching bag and boots. I chose silver diamond jewellery to go with the sequins on my top and to make it stand out more. And I guess I can say I'm really becoming a very responsible adult because I didn't go mad and went shopping like I normally would.The only thing I bought new was the boots because I felt my feet would be cold if I wore my tan heels, oh I'm lying and the midi rings I bought from Zuri two weeks ago because I walked past and saw a sale and I simply couldn't resist :)

So on the day I arrived at the spot where the shoot and interview would be done, very excited and a bit nervous offcourse, just because I didn't know what to expect. But the XCon films team immediately made me feel relaxed in no time and assured me there's nothing to be nervous about, I must just be myself, and that's what I did and everything went smoothly. They will keep me posted about when the show will be on television but in the meanwhile enjoy it every Saturday on Sabc3 at 11h00.

Outfit details:
Dress (top): Yde
Long Tan Cardigan: Edgars
White Skinny & Scarf: MRP
Accessories:Midi rings: Zuri 
Necklace: Accessorize 
 Armbands: Honey | Watch: Fossil 
Sunglasses: Yde
Boots: Charles and Keith
Bag: Aldo

 Xoxo Nadia SS

Thank you for visiting my blog and keep Shining !


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  2. Roxy and the team are great! Please keep us posted on the air date, Im not home Sat mornings so will PVR it!
    Well Done! xx

    1. Yes Rushda even tho I only had three males with me, I even asked where the females are but they gave them off for the weekend ( it was tht women's day weekend ),,,will let you know yes.