Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Midi rings and Hand chains

Jewellery is the last thing I put on to complete my outfit. Midi rings has been one of the biggest fashion trends for a while and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon because there's always different designs and styles coming out. What can I say about hand chains, it can look good on any hand, old or young, it gives that bling to your hand,with so many styles to choose from you'll just get confused choosing. With the warmer days coming it will look so good on your hand also giving that boho feel.
Believe it or not It's not everyone that knows about midi rings or hand chains etc. I get asked alot what is this small little rings called on your fingers? 

Here's how you can more or less wear it, there's no right or wrong, have fun with it.1

Jewelery is like putting on lipstick 
Vera Wang 

Midi rings : Legit 
Hand Chain : MrP 
Coin Necklace :Zuri 
Pearl Armbands : Yde 

The top picture I have less rings on giving more attention to the handchain but if you feel for more midi rings, I don't see why not. (Bottom picture )

These silver jewellery are all from Zuri, got them for super cheap at their sale two weeks ago . The rings can even be turned around for a different look, and the silver arm Cuff goes perfectly with the rings hey.

Would you wear your jewellery like this or do you feel it's too much? 
I like wearing mine so for those prying eyes always looking at a persons hands I love giving them some eye candy  :)

Thank you for reading and keep Shining ♡ 
Nadia SS 

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