Sunday, 6 August 2017

Eid Ul Fitr 2017

Good day Beautiful people,

I know this post is super late because life has just been super hectic! I'm sharing a few pictures of Eid Ul Fitr that we celebrated on the 26th of June and as you now Eid is a very special day in any Muslims life and is celebrated with family and friends. This Eid was different to other Eids, something felt missing and has been feeling so every Eid since my mother in-law passed on, my sister in-law and kids from Namibia also didn't​ join us for Eid this year and my husband slept half of the day away because he was'nt feeling well at all. My daughter was just the cutest even though she didnt quite understand what was wrong with her father, she went to check up on him every few minutes, stood infront of him to make sure he's still ok and stroked his hair and kissed him then went off to play again for a while again. So beautiful to see the love between daddy and daughter, I tried my best to make the day enjoyable for her.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my posts about Muneeb that recently went for an operation, hence the hectic part and it was difficult not only for him in the beginning but for me too, he could'nt move much so I had to help him alot but he came around very quickly and was better in no time, Alhamdulilah I Shukr Allah for that.  
We managed to atleast get one family pic on the day, over the years it became a tradition to take family pictures on Eid.


I'm wearing: Yde dress 
Lovisa tassel earings ,
Foschini Bag  (old)
Kelso Bangels
Zoom shoes 

Shazia's wearing : Gadijah Khan dress 
Shoes also bought from GKD 
Whimsy headband
Akusesarict tassel earings
Sling bag  from shop in Vangate Mall

Nadia SS
Keep Shining!

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