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Events : Spring Wardrobe Styling Workshop at WORKSHOPMODESTY

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Soo who doesn't love events, pretty decor, delicious food and inspiring people? That's what went down at the Workshopmodesty  Styling Workshop event two weeks ago, yes I know I'm late with this blog post but as use know I'm busy with a hundred things and it gets crazy at times but none the less, here goes enjoy the read!
So let me start from the beginning, my journey with the amazing ladies from Little Big Event Planners and Workshopmodesty started a year ago when they invited me to the launch to write a blog post about the "opening events and happenings".This time I was invited as a guest speaker and I felt very honoured, Shukran so much for inviting me and making me part of this great event.(if you would like to read the blog post about the launch follow this workshopmodesty opening launch )

So upon arrival everyone loved the beautiful setting, it was so pretty and welcoming and had a Spring feel to it with tones of white and pink decor and the most beautiful flower arrangements. And guess what for once in my life I was early and being early has it's perks, I got to meet some of the amazing designers I didn't meet before (we follow each other on instagram but never met) we had time to chat and take some pictures together before it got crowded.

The event kicked of with a heart warming opening from the lovely Nasheetah (owner of Workshopmodesty), she mentioned that she doesn't feel like the owner at all and that all the designers are owners and that they are like family to her. The in house designers currently showcasing their beautiful garments in the store are GKD by Gadijah Kahn, Vanilla for kids by Rafeeqa Smith, Diyana, Khaos Jewels and Nasheetah's brand the Infinity Collection SA.

You can also find goodies from Crystal Modest Boutique and Nifty Works.
If you haven't yet been at the store you are missing out, go follow them on instagram @workshopmodesty to stay updated and they always share when they having a sale!

Ok, so to be honest I never spoke at events before other than at my moms 50th and recently at my dad-inlaws 70th birthday party in front of so eighty people and it consisted mostly of family and friends. When little Big Event Planners approached me and
asked if I would like to be a guest speaker at the event I thought it would be good to step out of my comfort zone and that there's always a first time for everything right? So when it was my turn I started off fine and spoke for a few minutes and while speaking I suddenly began to feel so weird, I tried to continue after I drank some juice but felt like I wanted to faint, I really don't know if it was nerves or just my sugar levels that dropped because I didn't eat. After I took a break while someone else continued with their topic I felt fine and ready to continue and I must say the second time around went much better and I was happy to have shared of my fashion tips and also some of this seasons spring/summer trends. 

In-between me taking a little break we had professional makeup artist safiyyah Sauls sharing makeup tips and she also showed us how to create a quick spring make-up look, I really loved the oranje eye shadow look she created on Raeesa.

One of the in-house designers Gadija Khan gave the guests some amazing clothing and styling tips. She explained how to take care for your clothes, how to make it last longer and showed some of her latest designs while also giving away some great prizes.

We then had scarf styling by the talented Raeesa founder of Zahara Scarfstyling and all the beautiful on-trend scarves used was from Rana scarves. The question alot of people always ask "how do you wrap your turbans and how do you get your scarf to stay on your head" Raeesa explained that so nicely, she mentioned that the base/ underscarf or cap you use is the most important because if the base is not right your scarf won't look or feel right and will slip off.

Rana Scarves

Next up we had Faghri from Revere linen,   he gave the guests some great home tips and tricks he also gave us awesome ideas on how to re-create a space in your home or outside that you don't like or wanted to change but just never got to it. He went on over to the bedroom section and explained how to make your bed look Aaamazing without breaking the bank but also explained the importance of quality fabric.

Last but definetly not least we had the amazing Registered Councellor Shanaaz Moos sharing parenting tips and explaining that how beauty should firstly come from the inside before working and beautifying the outside!

Me with the twin looking sisters (oops friends) Tasneem and Mujeebah from Little Big Event Planners.
 Tasneem & Mujeebah
Me with the lovely Nasheetah

Tasneem & Rafiekah
With the stunning ladies Rafeeqa (vanilla for kids) and Diyana's up coming designer.

Nasheetah and Faghri from Revere Linens

The lovely prize winners


Guests listening attentively

A Big Shukran/ Thank to
  Workshopmodesty, The Little Big Event Planners and in-house designers and offcourse all that assisted and contributed somehow to make this event a success, we looking forward to the next one ladies ! once again Well done your hard work pays off. :)

Shukran/ thank you for stopping by and reading my blog hope you'll be back for more and don't forget to keep Shining!
Nadia SS

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